Looe Charles 1640 of Nether Broughton als Nuttall will and inventory

Charles Looe als Nuttall of Nether Broughton 1640 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1640/24

In the name of god Amen In the year of our Lord god 1638 and in the 14 day of May I Charles Looe alis Nuttall of Nether Broughton in the countie of Leicester weaver Syck in body but of good and perfect remembrance god be thanked I doe ordaine and make this my last Will and Testament following

Fyrst I give and committ my Soule to allmyghtie god my maker and redemer In whom I trust to be saved and my Body to be buryed in the Church yard of Nether Broughton aforesaid

Impris I give to the poore of Nether Broughton xiid

Item I give unto my sonne Charles Looe alis Nuttall all my Loomes and geares and all things belonging to them

Item I give unto my sonne Charles Looe one Table and Frame wheron yt standeth with a forme and settles about yt in the howss

Item I give unto my sonne Charles Looe … press in the parlor hee paying unto my daughter Dorrytie Loo alis Nuttall xiiis iiiid within Two years after my decease

Item I give unto my daughter Alice Leson xiid

Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Bolton xiid

Item my Will is that my daughter Dorritie Looe alis Nuttal shall have the lyttle parlor called the far parlor and the Chamber abov yt to hir one proper use so long as she doth keepe hir unmarryed

Item my Will ys that my daughter Dorrytie shall have fyve rooms and howss roome for hir selfe and hir goods and stuffe which I doe leave hir so long as she doth keepe hir unmarryed

Item My will ys that my daughter Dorrytie shall have one apple tree and the fruit which doth growe on yt every year so long as shee doth keeper hir unmarryed to hir one use

Item my will ys that my daughter Dorrytie Looe shall have the beast common or pasture which I have in lease off my brother William Wright yf shee have need of yt: yf shee have no neede of yt then yf my sonne Charles will have yt hee shall pay unto my daughter Dorrytie uppon the Fyrst day of May before hee enter of it vis viiid: she shall have yt so long as shee doth keepe hir unmarryed

And when my daughter Dorrytie hath done with the beast common then to my sonne Charles and his hears for ever and nott to goe for any legacy … to be carryed away by a wyffe

Item I give unto my sonne Charles Looe alles Nuttall a bed wheare in I bed and … upon a mattrys and a koverlyd and a blankit

Item I give unto Charles Looe alles Nuttall and my Daughter Dorrytie the tythes to gather

Item I give unto my Sonne Charles Looe alles Nuttal yong fillines horse and a heffer

Item give unto my Soone Charles Looe alles Nuttall a koffer

Item I give unt Margyt Galson and Robard Galson and Alice Galson every one of them a ship hog

Item my legacyes and funerell discharged the rest of my goods cattles and Chattles unbequeathed and not given I give unto my daughter Dorrytie Looe whom I make my full and Soole Executor: the apple Tree which my daughter Dorrytie shall have ys called the Broad …ing tree in the myddes of the orchard

In wytnes hear of I the aforesaid Charles Looe have hear unto sett my hand the day and year above written

I doe make my daughter Dorrytie Looe my full executor of this my last will and testament

                                                                                                         Charles Looe alis Nuttall

No witnesses


A true Inventory of all the goods Cattle and Chattells of Charles Looe als Nuttall Late of Nether Broughton in the County of Leicester weaver deceased taken and praysed the six and twentith day of February Ano dni 163 [sic] by us whose names are here underwritten as followeth vizt

  £ s d
Imprimis his purse and apparell 5 0 0
In the farr Parlour      
Impris one Bedstead and three Coffers 1 10 0
Itm three bed hillings and foure Covletts 5 0 0
Itm foure Blanketts 1 2 0
Itm three paire of flaxen sheets 2 5 0
Itm five paire of hempen sheets and an odd one 2 5 0
Itm seaven Towells and seaven pillowbeeres 2 0 0
Itm one dozen harden napkins and five flaxen napkins and a face cloth 0 13 6
Itm five paire of harden sheets and two board clothes and two course      
pillowbeeres 1 10 4
In the Hither parlour      
Itm one presse one Bedstead and three Coffers 2 6 8
Itm five Mattresses six boulsters and two boulsters unstuft and a feather bed      
ticke 2 9 0
In the Chamber      
Itm two bedsteads one quarter of barley one bushell of wheate one bushell of      
rye and Butter and Cheese 2 14 0
Itm foure boards two tressles and a cheese rack 0 5 0
Itm three wheeles and five slippings of yarne and other odd Implements 0 10 10
Itm two bacon flitches 1 10 0
Itm three Barrells five tubbs and other Implements in the dary house 1 0 0
In the hall      
Item one table and a frame and a Cubbord with other Implements 2 0 0
Item a dozen and a halfe of Cushions 0 18 0
In the house brasse and pewter 6 0 0
Itm the fire Irons the spit and Cobberds and other Implements 0 13 0
Itm the brewing vessell in the kitchen and kitts 0 12 0
Itm the Loomes and the furniture in both the shopps 25 0 0
Itm six hives 3 0 0
Itm five Cowes one heiffer and a Calfe 20 0 0
Itm twelve sheepe 4 0 0
Itm hay hovells and Ladders and other Implements 4 0 0
Itm one Piece two Coffers and other Implements 0 15 8
                                                                   Summa totalis 99 00 00

Thomas Brookesbey        )

John Watkin                      )

Richard Browne                )  Prizers

Thomas Besson                               )

Probate 3 June 1640