Lester Hannah 1720 of Scalford Will

Hannah Lester of Scalford 1720 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1720

In the name of God amen I wido Lester of Scalford in the County of Leicester doe make and order this to be my Last will and Testament in maner folowinge

First and princepely I bequeve my sole to God that gaive it me and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried att the discrison of my executors heire after named

Imprimis I Give unto my son John Lester tenn pounds

Itt I Give to my son in Law John Dubelday one shillinge

Itt I Give to my two Gran Children Thomas Dubelday and John Dubelday five pound apeece to be paid to them when they shall ataine to be sixteene yeares ould

Itt I Give to my son in Lawe John Fox one Cou

Itt I Give to my son John Lester one fether bed and beding

All the rest of my Goods ctel and chattel I Give unto my son Jobe Lester and William Lester my sons whom I doe make Soles executors of this my Last will

                                                                                                                Hanna Lester hir marck and seale

Sine published and declared In the presents of us

Rich: Hawley

George Kellam

Elizabeth Tiler hir marck

November the 4th 1720

A True Inventory of all the Goods and Chattells and Cattle of Hannah Lester of Scalford in the County of Leicester Deceased

Imprimis her purse and apparel250
In the house fire Irons tongues & one Table and other Implements thereunto   
In the Hall 1 Table & other Lumber130
In the Kitching brass & Pewter Tubbs & other Meterialls440
In the Dairy & Drink house barrills & Cheese press and other Lumber2100
In Coale House Coales256
In the Old Hall Chamber 1 wooll bed wooll & other Lumber1620
In the Aple Chamber Apples130
In the Chamber over the House one fire Iron Two beds 1 Chest and other   
In the Matted Chamber 1 Bed 1 Table and other Materialls130
In the Red Chamber 1 bed & a Chest216
In the Cheese Chamber290
Wheat barley & beans97170
Cows and Heffers 4000 
Seven mares 3 Horses & 3 Foales5000
Eight Score & 9 Sheep69190
Carts Waggons plows Harros Geers and all other Implements15100
Five Acres of Wheat growing550
Unseen & forgott    060

Joel Shuttlewood             )

John Dubleday                  ) Appraisers