Lee Roger 1661 of Stathern will and inventory

Roger Lee of Stathern 1661 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1661

I Roger Lee of Stathorne in the County of Liecester Carpenter do make this my last will & Testament the 17th day of July 1653 as folloeth

Item I give & bequeth unto my Doughter Margery Lee Forty pound of lawfull money of Ingland to bee paid 10l a yere & a halfe after my Decese & other 10l a yere after that & the other 20l to be paid one yere after that my Sun John Lee enter on my land

Item I give & bequeth unto my Doughter Susanna Turpin 20l to be paid one yere after my Sun John Lee doth enter on my land

Item I give & bequeth unto my Sun John Lee the house that I live in with all the apurtences ther unto belonging with all the land meadow & Comons lying in Statherne in the feelds ther of to enter ther on at the Decese of his mother paing unto his sisters those legecies meshoned in this my will

Item I give unto my wife Ann Lee my house & land duering the time or hir Naturall life

I do all so give hir all my goods & Catell moufable & unmoufeable my debts being paid & funerall discharged & do make hir my Excexetrics

Item I give unto my sune Willyam Lee if hee be living & Cum a gaine 20 shillings to be paid out of my goods

Witnesse my hand the same day a bove written

                                                                                                         Rogger Lee his mark

Witnesses to the will

John Rowse

Henry Bugg his marke


September the 13 1654

A true Inventory of all the Goodes and Chattel of Roger Lee of Statherne wich he died seased of praised by William Barke and John Dixon

  £ s d
Item his purse and apparel 1 0 0
Item four Cowes 8 10 0
Item ten swine 1 0 0
Item for Corne and haye 6 0 0
Item three bed Steades and Cubbard 1 13 4
Item one Feather bed and three boulsters 1 6 8
Item seaven pillows a flock bed one matteris 1 10 0
Item Six Coverings for beds and fouer blankets 2 10 0
Item one set of Curtaines tow Chists tow Coffers 1 4 0
Item nine paire of Sheetes six pillobeares 3 5 0
Item fouer tabell Close a dussen and a half napkings 2 2 0
Item all the puter one fryinge pane one dripinge pane 1 18 0
Item all the brasse one … and a paire of Cobbards 2 0 0
Item A Gallertree and hooks fire irne and toungs 0 6 8
Item fouer tubes three barrelles fouer kittes one Churne a grindell stone a      
Cheese prase & leathers 1 0 0
Item Three whiles and Colles 0 10 0
Item for all that is not seene and not praised 0 10 0
                                                                                                      Sum total 36 5 8

Will Barke

John Dixon

Probate 27 June 1661