Lee John 1632 of Long Clawson inventory

John Lee of Long Clawson 1632 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/34/8

A true Inventorye of all the goods and Chattells of John Lee thelder of Claxton als Longe Clauson in the Countie of Leceister webster lately disceased Taken by Richard Hickling thelder, Christophe Lee & William Lee, husbandmen of Claxton aforesayed this 12th of March 1631 [1631/2]

Im primis his purse & apparell 20s
Itim in the parler, for all the napkins pillowbeares, and Lynnen 3 peare of sheets, and an halfe 25s
Itim 1 quilt, 3 Coverleads, 2 pillowes 11s
Itim 2 Cofers, flaxe seive 7s
Itim a steele looking glasse, a fryinge pann, a spitte, and other Impleaments 5s
Itim woodden wares, a barrell a tubbe & other impleaments of wood 6s
Itim other Impleaments of wood 2s
Itim wollen yarne, a … & Coales 5s
Itim in the house 2 potts 5 pans 30s
Itim the Cubberd with pueter and other things thereon 6s 8d
Itim 1 board, 2 payles, one chayre, stoules & quushions 2s 6d
Itim in the Chamber 2 peckes of otemeale, 2 Tubbs, 1 Strike of malt, 1 of peas, some barley 9s
Itim 2 wheeles, 1 scuttle, foure bagges 3s
Itim Six short boards 18d
Itim in the shope, Loumbs and other furniture 30s
Itim 2 kyne, hea & hovel timber 4l 6s 8d
Itim 1 spade, 2 forkes 12d
Itim 2 Hens, racking and other impleaments about the fire & things forgotten 2s
                                                                          The whole sume is 12l 5s 2d

The praysers names & markes

Richard Hickling [his mark]

Christopher Lee

William Lee

Exhibited 15 April 1632