Leavers William 1637 of Long Clawson Will

William Leavers of Long Clawson 1637 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1637/144

In the name of god Amen the sixteenth day of August in the twentieth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles, by the grace of god kinge of England Scotland France and Ireland, kinge defender of the faith &c Annoq dni 1636 I William Leavers of Claxton als Clawson in the Countie of Leicester yeoman being sick and weake in body but of good and perfect memory, prased be god, doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge

First I give and bequeath my soule to Almightie god hopeinge to be saved through a true and lively faith in Christ Jesus And my body to be buried in the Church yard of Claxton aforesaid

Itm I give and bequeath to my eldest sonne Richard Leavers and his heires the howse wherein I now dwell scituate in Claxton aforesaid together with thappurtences And alsoe the two oxganges of land thereunto belonginge (except one litle close of pasture in the East end of the Towne of Claxton aforesaid) thone oxgange of the said two oxgangs of land lieing and being within the feildes and liberties of Hose in the said Countie, and thother oxgang of Land within the East end feildes of Claxton aforesaid

Itm my will is that my loveing wife Elizabeth shall have the thirds of my said lands Or else to live together with my said eldest sonne Richard and to have her diet clotheing washeing and all other necessaries fitting and convenient for a woman of her age and condicon and alsoe thirteen shillings and foure pence to be yearely paid her by my said sonne Richard

Itm I further give and bequeath unto my said wife Elizabeth all my bedding lynnens brasse and pewter whatsoever, to be at her free disposeinge

Itm I give and bequeath unto my youngest sonne William Leavers the litel close above excepted to enter upon presently after my decease which close is Bounded … the kings high way lieing on the west side thereof and the land of William Garton on the east side thereof and my brother Robert Leavers on the south side thereof

Itm I further give unto my said sonne William thirtie pownds of lawfull money of England to goe forward presentlie for him

Itm I give unto my said sonne William one ewe sheepe

Itm I give unto my eldest daughter Elizabeth Leavers one heifer

Itm I give unto my second daughter Margaret Leavers one ewe and lambe

Itm I give unto my third daughter Anne Leavers forty pownds to be paid her by my Executors when she shall accomplish thage of one and twentie yeares

Itm I give unto my youngest daughter Jane Leavers likewise fortie pownds to be paid her by my executors when she shall attaine to thage of one and twenty yeares

My will is that if my two youngest daughters Anne and Jane or ether of them chance to depart this life before they or ether of them accomplish thage of one and twenty years, that then the porcons above menconed shalbe equally devided amongst the rest of my children then liveinge

Itm I give unto my two daughters Anne and Jane & either of them one ewe sheepe

Itm I give unto Mary Rowse the wife of Jeffery Rowse of Hose six shillings and eight pence

Itm I give unto Mary Leavers and Joane Leavers my kinswomen xiid a peice

Itm I give unto Mary Litledike the wife of Robert Litledike of Statherne one strike of Barley

Itm I give unto Anne Hart of Melton Mowbray widdow one strike of Barley

Itm I give unto my kinsman Richard Tompson two shillings and six pence

Itm I give unto the poore of Claxton aforesaid three shillings and foure pence to be distributed to them at the discretion of the Overseers of the poore for the tyme beinge

The rest of all my goods moveable and unmoveable unbequeathed I give and bequeath to my Loveinge wife Elizabeth and Richard Leavers my eldest sonne whome I make and ordaine joynt executors of this my last will and testamt to see the same performed and my body reverently and decently brought to the ground

And lastly I intreate and make Thomas Leavers and Thomas Tompson of Claxton aforesaid Overseers of this my last will giving to either of them for their paynes vid

In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the day and yeare within written

                                                                                                                Willm Levers

Testes sunt

Rob: Hickling

Ambrose Lee

Probate 12 April 1637

PR/I/39/40 A true Inventory of all they goodes & Chattells of William Leavers of Claxton als Long Clauston in the Countie of Leicester lately disceased, Taken the 6th daye of March 1636 By Robert Hicklinge and William Garton of Claxton aforesaied yeomen and Steven Hanson of Hose in the Countie aforesaied husbandman

In primis his purse and apparel368
Itim in the parler a feather bed and a boulster1100
Itim 6 bedsteads, 1 frame & table, a Forme, 2 Chests a Chere200
Itim in the other parler, 2 bedsteads 2 Cofers080
Itim in the Chamber 3 bedsteads, 2 Chests 1 litle Table168
Itim 1 Cubberd, 2 tables, 2 formes, & settles, 3 Cheres1108
Itim 6 barrells, 1 Chorne, a throle0100
Itim 5 Tubs the brueing lead 4 Kimnells, 4 Kitts with other implements2120
Itim bedding 5 Coverleds, 3 blanketts, with a mattresse, 3 pillowes2100
Itim 6 Coverleads, 3 mattresses, 4 blanketts, 8 pillowes5100
Itim 9 payre of flaxen sheets, 1 halfe420
Itim 11 payre of Hempton sheets, & 5 payre of harden4100
Itim 4 boarde Clothes, with 2 peeces of hempton, with napkins, & Towells, and
pillowe beares2100
Itim 4 peeces of wollen Cloth with Cushions368
Itim 3 flitches of Bacon & a halfe with yarne and shelves, with other
Itim Brasse 4 potts, 4 pans2100
Itim 2 sylver spoons0100
Itim of pueter, 14 peeces 6 porrengers 4 Candle stickes, with spoons, and
other impleaments2100
Itim in the yarde, 5 horses & mares1800
Itim 8 Cowes 2 heafers2600
Itim 29 sheepe1000
Itim swyne & pullen1134
Itim 3 Carts, with plowes, harrowes, plowe tymber, 2 Leathers, and the hovell
Itim Carte geares, & plowe geares with a saddle, & other impleaments200
Itim the Croppe in the feilde & Corne in the barne, with pease on the hovell
& hea3800
Itim a little wheat3100
Itim oweing in William Nicholsons hands300
Itim other money oweing3000
Itim pales, fleakes, forkes & rakes0100
Itim the gallowe tree, fire Iron, a wyndowe sheet, & all impleaments about the
fire, & thinges forgotten0140
The whole Sume is158100

They praysers names

Robert Hickling

William Garton

Steven Hanson his marke

Exhibited Melton Mowbray 12 April 1637