Leake Thomas 1531 of Stathern will

Sir Thomas Leake of Stathern 1531 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1531/25

In dei nome Amen the xxxth day of the monythe of November the yere of our lorde mcccccxxxith that I Sir Thomas Leyke of Stathern hole of mynde make my last will in this form and maner

Imprimis I beqweth soul to god allmyghty to our lady Saynt Mary and to all the Saynts of Heven And my body to be berid in the … of Saynt Guthlake of Stathern

It to our lady of Lyncoln iid

It to my father Willm Leyke a yow & a lam

It to Agnes H… a yow & a lam and a gowyn

It to the … of Saynt Guthlac of Stathern a yow and a lam

It to Sir John Johnson … prest to buy a … for … … …

The Resydewe of my … … not beqwethed I will that the for said Sir John Johnson order and dispose for the helth of my Soull as he shall thynke the best the … … … I make my full executor

Witn John Johnson Roberte Johnson John Rose Willm Dublday with others


… … … Thome Leyke de Stathern … … Johen Sharpe Thoma Dicson Pet… … et Robyrt Robynson xiiii de Decembris Anno dni mcccccxxxi

Imprimis thre gownys vis viiid
It ii dublytts iis
Itm ii pare hose iis iiiid
It ii Scherts xvid
It And olde jakt & a jerkyn xiid
It A … xiid
It ii pare of … viiid
Itm And olde matrysse and a blankt xiid
It A pare shets and olde coverlydde iis
It ii small chistes viiid
It a … … iid
It a Bowe & the arrows xiid
It x shepe xxs

Rector of Stathern