Lane Richard 1639 of Hose Will

Richard Lane of Hose 1639 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1639

In the name of God Amen I Richard Lane of Hoosse in the Countye of Leicester husbandman beinge sicke in body but of perfect memory (praysed bee god) doe make this my last will & Testament in this manner followinge

First I comend my soule into the hands of god and my bodye to bee buryed in the Church yard in Hoosse aforesayd

Item I give unto William Marritt of Hicklinge Five poundes of good Englishe money

Item I give unto Willm Marritt sonne of the aforesayd William Marit the sume of Five pounds to be payd unto them att the end of one yeare after my decease

Item I give unto Willm Steavenson of Greate Dalby the sume of Fortye shillings

Item I doe give unto Henry Caunt three pounds six shillinges eight pence

Item I doe give unto John Caunt and unto George Caunt my kinsemen the sume of Fower markes a peece

And my will is that all these aforesayd sumes of money shalbe payd att the end of one yeare next after my decease

Item I doe give unto my servant Elizabeth Gamble the sume of sixe pounds thirteene shillinges & fower pence of good Englishe money

Item I give unto John Sanderson three shillinges & fower pence to bee payd att the end of one yeare after my decease

Item I doe give unto the poore of Hoosse six shillinges & eight pence

Item I give unto William Julyan Twelve pence

Item all the rest of my goodes whatsoever withall my Cattell & Chattells I doe give & bequeath unto my naturall & Loveinge kinseman Richard Caunte whome I doe ordayne & make the full the sole and lawfull executor of this my last will & testament

In Witnes of the truth of all the abovesaid premisses I the above sayd Richard Lane have hereunto sett my hand & seale the thirteenth day of December in the yeare of our lord god one thousand six hundred thirtye & nyne

                                                                                                                The marke & seale of Richard Lane

In the presence of these Witnesses

Rutland Tyrwhitt

Thomas Rowse

William Julyan his marke

Memorand that the … partie within named doth give 4 marke to Wm Caunt dwelling in Ireland & the said somme to be pd him when hee cometh or sendeth his lawfull deputie to receive itt & to give a discharge to the Executor

Probate 31 January 1639/40


Januarie 25 Ano 1639

A True Inventorie of all the goods Cattels and Chattells of Richard Lane of Hoosse in the Countie of Leicester yeoman latly deceased Taken And praysed the 25 day of Januarie in Ano 1639 by Gregorie Julion Thomas Rouse and William Julion

Impris his pursse And Aparell100
Item In the Hall one Table 2 formes 2 stooles 4 Chaires with some other small   
Item one fire Iron with other Iron Things068
Item In the parlour 2 Cupbords 3 bedsteads1170
Item one Featherbed 2 boulsters 8 pillowes1100
Item 4 mattresses110 
Item 6 Coverlids234
Item 8 blankets200
Item 3 payre of flaxen sheetes, 3 payre of Hempen sheets1160
Item one pillowe and five pillowbeeres068
Item 3 Table clothes 2 Towells 2 napkins0174
Item one Table 2 Chests 4 Coffers 2 Curtains190
Item 6 barrells 5 kimnels 4 kitts Churne and …1134
Item 3 brasse potts 5 pans with other brasse things250
Item 12 peeces of pewter one salt 2 porengers0180
Item one bedstead some earthen potts and dead Lumber0110
Item Bacon butter otemeale … and Cheese300
Item one moulding Trough 3 wooden Tubs with other woodden implements in   
the Kitchin0160
Item Coles in the Kitchin100
Item Corne in the yarde and sowne, with Hay4000
Item 5 Horsses and mares2000
Item 4 swine and 32 sheepe1100
Item 6 Cowes and one Calfe17
Item Cart and Cart geere plowe and plowe geere500
Item sheepe Cribs … fleakes with wood and stones about the yard2100
Item debts owing to the defunct2000
Item The spit and Coberds Hens and Cocks with things knowne and forgotten0100

The names of the praysors

Gregorye Julyan

Thomas Rowse