Knott William 1634 of Long Clawson will and inventory

William Knott of Long Clawson 1634 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1634/71

In the name of god Amen This Seventeenth day of February in the yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god of Englande Scotland France & Irelande kinge defender of the faith &c the ninth 1633 I William Knot of Claxton als Longe Clawson in the Countie of Leicester Husbandman beinge sicke of bodie but of good & perfect memorye (praysed be god) doe make & ordayne this my last will & testament in manner following

Imprimis I give & bequeath my Soule to god that gave it & my bodie to bee buried in the Churchyard of Claxton aforesaid

Itm I give unto the poore of Claxton vis 8d to be distributed at the discretion of my executors & the overseers of the poore then beinge

Itm I give iiis 4d towards the repayreinge of the Caussies in the west end of Claxton

Itm my will is that my executors shall make my Second Sonne Richard Knot worth an hundred pounds of good & lawful money of England with that portion of goods which he hath already

Itm I give unto my Sonne William Knott foure score pounds of like lawful money of England And my will is that my Sonne Richard shall have his portion payed within two whole yeares next after my discease

Item my will is that my Sonne William K: shall have his portion in manner following twentie pounds in the third yeare after my discease & twentie pounds in the forth yeare & in first yeare after my decease He shall have fourtie pounds payed

Itm my will is that my brother Richard Knot shall have the same bedstead & beddings & the same Chamber he nowe hath & bee found with meat drinke & apparel washing & … Convenient for such a man of his estate during his life

Itm I give unto my Sonne Robert 3 … three sheepe ioyntly amongst … to bee sett forth at my Brother Richards discretion

I give unto William Moore my servant twelve pence

Itm I give to my Cosen Margarett Wright a sheepe

Itm I give unto my daughter Margaret Knot weaning Calfe … C… C…

The rest of all my goods & Chattels unbequeathed I give & bequeath unto my loveinge wife Elizabeth Knott & to my eldest Sonne Robt Knott whome I make joyntly executors of this my last Will & Testament to see my legacies discharged and my Bodie Brought decently to the ground

Lastly I make my brother in lawe Richard Richard [sic] Hicke & Thomas Wright overseers giveing to either of them xiid for their paynes

                                                                                                         William Knot his marke

Tho: Wright

… Wright

Richard Hicke


A true Inventorye of all they goods and Chattels of William Knott of Claxton husbandman Lately disceased, taken this 27ty of Feabruary 1633 [1663/4] By Robert Hicklinge, John Wright & Robert Wright yeoman of Claxton aforesaid

  £ s d
In primis his purse and apparell 5 10  
Itim in the parler a feather bed & towe boulsters 3 15 8
Itim three bed hillinges   4  
Itim three Blanketts   16 8
Itim 1 boulster five pillowes   3 4
Itim 4 payre of flaxen sheets 1 of Hempton 3 8 6
Itim 5 harden sheets, 2 board Clothes   18 8
Itim 3 towells, 6 pillowe bears, 8 napkins   31 10
Itim 2 webs of woollen Cloth   44 8
Itim Cubberd, 1 table 2 Cofers & frame, forme and stoole   34 8
Itim 1 Trussle bedstead, a standing bed stead, a chest   30  
Itim a bed hillinge, a blanket, a peare of sheets, a mattresse, & other furniture      
to the bed   38 6
Itim in the Chamber, 3 Coverleads, 1 mattrisse, and the rest of the furniture   34 8
Itim towe bedsteads, 2 Cofers   12  
Itim 4 bottells 1 saddle & other implem   6 8
Itim 2 woollen wheeles 3 lynnen wheels   5 8
Itim in the buttrye 6 Barrells, the thrall, and other impleaments   14  
Itim 16 peeces of pueter 1 Bason   13 6
Itim 4 Candlestickes, 2 Chafeinge dishes 3 salts, a drinking Cup, & other impleam   20 0
Itim all the brasse   55  
Itim wooden ware in the brewe house & the lead   35 4
Itim the Cheee … & Cheese fats, dish bench, and dishes, sives, scuttles, & hoppers,      
and other impleaments in the kitchin   14 6
Itim all milke vessells in the daye house and other Impleaments   5  
In an other Chamber      
Itim yarne and …   25 8
Itim flaxe and badges   5 6
Itim in the Store Chamber, Bacon, Otemeale Butter & cheese, sheeringe hookes,      
Heckells, and other Impleaments   56 8
Itim in the house 2 Tables, 2 frames formes, stooles, and Quishions   31  
Itim in the yarde, foure beates, 9 kyne, 9 yonge beasts 28 6 4
Itim eight horses and mares 30    
Itim 5 swyne   48  
Itim Barley   15 8
Itim wheat field & … 10 15  
Itim peas Thresshed & unthresshed 16    
Itim haye 6 13 4
Itim Carts, ploughes and Harrowes 7    
Itim fleakes, Hovell geare and refuge wood in the yard   51 8
Itim ploughe tymber, sithes & Rakes, forkes, and shovells, & other impleam   31 6
Itim sheepe & sheepe skins   40  
Itim malt & money oweinge to him 10 6  
Itim in the Coale house, Coales and other impleaments   10  
Itim 1 oxe teame, a gavelocke, and horse lockes, & all old …   20 6
Itim the hive & poaltrye   8 8
Itim about the fire, the fire iron, the gallows & Cresset, with other impleaments,      
and things unseen & forgotten   10  
                                                                                        Summa tota 182 13 4

Robert Hickling

John Wright

Robert Wright

Probate 19 April 1634