Kilby Thomas 1857 of Queniborough then Long Clawson Will

Thomas Kilby of Queniborough then Long Clawson 1857 Will

The National Archives PROB 11/2255/18

This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Kilby of Queenborough in the County of Leicester farmer now residing at Long Clawson in the same County out of business

Whereas I am entitled at the death of Catherine Pickard of Queenborough in the County of Leicester housekeeper to my late Uncle Richard Marriott to the whole of his freehold and personal property and other household goods and which said estate and effects were by his Will given unto her for her life and at her death to me the said Thomas Kilby by paying thereout to John Kilby Wildman my nephew the sum of One hundred pounds, to Catherine Ward daughter of Thomas Ward fifty pounds to Frances Ward daughter of the aforesaid Thomas Ward twenty pounds

Now I the said Thomas Kilby do hereby give devise and bequeath all those freehold houses and gardens adjoining situate at Queenborough in the County of Leicester and all those freehold houses situated at Rearsby in the aforesaid County in the occupation of Bolter and others and all the household furniture and all other property which the said Richard Marriott died possessed of in the County of Leicester and elsewhere unto John Pears and Robert Littler both of Long Clawson aforesaid upon trust for them to sell and dispose of by Auction or otherwise for the most money that can be obtained for the same and to pay the proceeds coming therefrom unto my Sister Mary Kilby my sister Frances Wildman my Niece Ann Pears Wife of the said John Pears Elizabeth Littler wife of Robert Littler Hannah Wildman John Kilby Wildman and Thomas Wildman share and share alike as tenants in common and if any of the aforesaid sisters nephews and nieces die previous to my death without leaving any Child Husband or Wife him her or them surviving then I will there part whatsoever it may be to be equally divided unto the survivors of them my sisters nephews and nieces as tenants in common first paying thereout my funeral expences and just debts and the expences of proving and carrying out the trusts of this my Will

And I do hereby direct that the receipt or receipts of my said trustees shall be good and sufficient discharge to all or any of the purchasers of my said real and personal estate and that they shall not be answerable or accountable for the misapplication or nonapplication thereof

And lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint the said John Pears and Robert Littler Executors of this my Will

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty sixth day of July One thousand eight hundred and fifty two

                                                                                                                Thomas Kilby

Signed by the said Thomas Kilby in our presence and we in his presence and in the presence of one another have subscribed our names as witnesses hereto

Fred Lees Nottingham

Elizabeth Lees

Proved at London the 2 July 1857 before the Judge by the Oaths of John Pears and Robert Littler the Executors to whom Admon was granted they having been first sworn by Comon duly to administer