Jordan Elizabeth 1826 of Hickling will

Elizabeth Jordan of Hickling 1826 Will

Bank of England Wills Extracts 1717-1845

No 103030 Elizabeth Jordan of Hickling, Nottinghamshire Widow died possessed of £12768.1.10 Consols 78 7/8 £10070.16.7

And by her Will dated 3 September 1824 Attested by two Witnesses appointed John Pelly Atkins and The Reverend George Woodcock clerk Executors to whom Probate was granted at Doctors Commons 27 January 1827

In the Will are the following Words

And whereas under and by virtue of an Indenture bearing date the twentieth day of May one thousand eight hundred and twelve and made between the said John Thomas Jordan therein described of Hickling aforesaid Clerk my said late Husband deceased and me the said Elizabeth Jordan then his Wife therein described as the Sister and residuary legatee named in and by the last Will and Testament of Robert Thomas Cromp then late of West Malling in the County of Kent Deceased of the one part and Sir Richard Brooke deCapel Brooke Bart The Reverend Richard Jordan Clk and the said William Cook of the other part the stock or sum of twenty four thousand pounds three per cent consolidate Bank Annuities is now standing in the names of the said Sir Richard Brooke deCapel Brooke Richard Jordan and William Cook in the Books of the Bank of England and is held by them in consequence of the events which have happened since the day and execution of the same Indenture upon the following Trusts now I the said Elizabeth Jordan in pursuance and in exercise and execution of the power to me in that behalf given limited or reserved in or by means of the said hereinbefore recited Indenture and by virtue and in exercise and execution of all and every other power and powers Authority and Authorities whatsoever in any wise enabling me thereto do by this my last Will and Testament in writing signed sealed and delivered in the presence of and attested by the two credible persons whose names are intended to be hereupon indorsed as Witnesses attesting the signing sealing and delivery of this my Will by me the said Elizabeth Jordan direct appoint give and bequeath the said stock or sum of twenty four thousand pounds as aforesaid now standing in the names of the said Sir Richard Brooke deCapel Brooke Richard Jordan and William Cook in the Books of the Bank of England and the Interest Dividends and annual proceeds thereof subject to the payment of the said Annuity of three hundred pounds to the said Maria Pye if the same shall be subsisting at the time of my decease and also all sum and sums of money and interest thereon due and owing to me as Executrix and residuary Legatee of my said late Husband from the said William Cook and also all monies securities for money and all and singular other my property Goods Chattels and effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature kind or quality soever the same may be or consist whether in possession reversion remainder expectancy or otherwise howsoever of or to which I am possessed or entitled under or by virtue of the said Will of my late Husband or in any manner or by any other means whatsoever save and except such part of my said Household goods and furniture and other property goods chattels and effects as I have hereinbefore specifically given and disposed of unto John Pelly Atkins and the said George Woodcock their Executors administrators and assigns absolutely nevertheless upon the Trusts and to and for the intents and purpose hereinafter by the my Will expressed and declared of and concerning the same that is to say upon Trust

£12768.1.10 Consols To be transferred into the Names of  John Pelly Atkins & The Reverend George Woodcock the Executors and Devisees In Trust and left at their disposal.