Johnson William 1633 of Eaton Will

William Johnson of Eaton 1633 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1633/38

December 7 1632

In the name of god Amen I Willym Johnson of Eaton in the Countye of Lester being sick in bodie but whole in minde and of good and perfect memory (thankes be given to god) doe make and ordeine this my last will and testement in manner and fourme followeing

First I bequeath my soule into the hands of allmighty god my maker, hopeinge to be saved by the death and passion of Jesus Christ my redeemer, and by no other meanes, And my bodie to the earth from whence it Came, and to be buried in the Churchyard of Eaton aforesd

It I give to the Church of Eaton iis vid and to the poore of Eaton iis vid

It I give to Demetrius Glen his Childe one Ewe hogg

It I give unto my Syster Elizabeth … hir Childer one ewe lamb, to be delivered to one of their godfathers at Michelmas next to the Childrens uses

It I give unto Martha my daughter fiftie pounds whereof my will is that fourtye pound shall presently be put forth to hir use at the discretion and appointment of my Supervisors and tenne poundes to remaine in the hands of my exec for the education and bringeing up of my saide daughter so long as she shall remaine with my saide exec

It I give unto James Johnson my sonne twenty pounds, to be presently put forth to his uses at the discretion and appointment allso of my Supervisors

It my will is that my exec shall find, and provide for my father and mother and the Survivor of them yearly for the Sumer [?] time the milke of one Cowe for their maintenance And shall allso paye the yearly rent of that house wherein they now dwell which is 3s4d dureing their natural lives

All the rest of my goods moveable and unmoveable, Cattell, and Chattells whatsoever my legacies discharged and my bodie decently brought to the ground I give unto Martha my wife whom I make full and sole exec of this my last will and testament

Allso I make and ordeine Supervisors hereof Demetrius Glen and John Bayly

In witness whereof I have set to my hand the daye and yeare first above written

In the presence of these whose names here are subscribed

                                                                                                                Willyam Johnson his marke

Tho: Caunt vicar

Demetrius Glen

John Beale

Debts oweing without bond

Willyam Caunt xls to be payed at Mayday next

Grace Watchorne xxs

John Hoalt xiiis iiiid

Abraham Byshoppe xiis

Probate Melton Mowbray 3 May 1633


The true and perfect of the goods Cattell and Chattells of Willym Johnson late of Eaton taken and valued by Robert Sympson Wyllym S… Demetrius Glen and John Bayle the 28th day of January 1632 as followeth

In the house parlor and Chamber 
Inpris his purse and apparrellxls
It: one bedstead, and the furniture for two bedsxxvis viiid
It: two Coverlids one bolster and three pillowesxxs
It: a web of wollon Cloathxxs
It: two Coffers and linen in themxls
It: two barrells two tubs and other Implements about the parlor and Chamberxxs
It: one old Cubord, one Chaire,six qushions, and other Implements about the housexiiis iiiid
It: pewter and brasseiii li
It: fire iron, reckins, hookes and a salt boxeiis
It: in readie Coyne64 li 14s
It: debts by bond29 li 8s
It: debts without bond4 li 5s 4d
It: a bible10s
The yard and field 
It: 3 kine, haye, bracken and Coalesix li
It: sheepix li xs
It: pullen and things forgottvs
Suma total129 li 14s 4d