Jarvis William 1592 of Eaton Will

William Jarvis of Eaton 1592 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/213/183 and PR/I/213/207

In the name of god amen the x day of December & in the yere of oure Salvatyon 1592 wytnessethe that I Wyllm Jervys of Eaton husbandman in the county of Lestar dothe ordayne & make thys my wyll & testament in manner & forme as heraftar folowethe

Fyrste I comytte my Soulle into the mercyfull tuition of almyghty god & to hys Sonne Jesu Christe my onely Savyoure & redemar & my body to be buryed in the churche yarde of Eaton aforesayd

Itm I geve to the Cathedrall churche of Lyngcolne iid

Itm I geve to the poore mens boxe of Eaton vid

Itm I geve to Wyllm Jervys my sone xls further my wyll ys that my sone shall not have any parte of thys xls payd by my executor unto sent Stevens day in Chrystemas come ii yers after the makynge hereof & then he to have the one half & the other at that tyme twelmonte aftar & not before

Itm I geve to Alyzandar Jervys my sonne iiii stryks of Ryy & iiii stryks of barley & he to have the one half at mysshelmas next comynge aftar the makynge herof & the other half at that day twellmonthe aftar

I geve to Alyzandar my sone my best cotte

Itm I geve to hys sonne Thomas & Margett hys daughttar a yo lambe betwyxt them & the not to recyve yt untyll vi yers aftar my departtynge be come up & nott before

Itm I geve to Grayss Jervys my daughter & her daughtar betwyxt them a yoo at iii yers end aftar my departtynge & not before

Itm I geve to Robartt Hopkynsson one stryke of Ryy & ii stryks of barley

Itm I geve to An Jervys my daughttar ii stryks of seed Ryy at mysshellmas come twell montte & not before aftar the makynge herof

Itm I geve to Issabell Jervys daughttar of Jhon Jarvys A cowe & vi sheppe and my best brass pote & my bedstead that I ly yn & my best bedhyllynge

Itm I geve to Elizabethe Jervys my bruynge lead

Item I geve to Wyllm Jervys Sone of Jhon Jervys a brassen mortar

Itm I geve to Thomas Jervys an Iron gavloke

Itm I geve to Aylls Jervys ii yards of whytte carssay

The Reste of all my goods movable & unmovable I geve to Jhon Jervys my Sonne whom I do make my full executore of thys my last wyll & testament

Further I do ordayne & make thes men to be my supervysors of my testament to be trewly performed Jhon … & Symond Whytte & they to have theyre chargges borne them whersoever the shalbe called by my executore

In wytnes herof Wyllm Squyar Vyccar And Franssys Moare And Jhon Somnar

Detts that I Wyllm Jervys dothe owe

Fyrst to Issabell Kyrk I do owexiid
Robert Wrytte [the other version says Robert Gold] dothe owe for dyvers leyynge downe for hym &
for strawe he had of me to the value & for a pec of tymberviis
Hew Kerke owethe mexd

Probate Leicester 15 February 1592/3