Jarvis John 1600 of Eaton Will

John Jarvis of Eaton 1600 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/221/48

In the name of god amen the xi daie of Februarie in the xlii yeare of the Reigne of our gratious Soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of England France and Ireland defender of the faith &c I John Jarvis of Eaton in the countie of Leicester husbandman beinge sicke in bodye but of good and perfitt remembrance thankes be geven to allmightie god heare doe ordeine and maike this my laste will and testament in manner and forme followinge

Firste I geve and bequeath my soule to allmyghtie god my maker and to Jesus Christe my only saviour and redeemer, and my bodie to be buried in the parishe church yearde of Eaton aforesaid, whensoever yt shall please god to call me to his mercy

Ite I geve to every one of my children Six Shilling Eight pence

The reste of my goods my debtes beinge paid and funeral expenses dischardged I geve and bequeath unto Margret my wyfe, whom I make my full executrix of this my laste will and testament and I will that Raiphe Jackson and Marmaduke Fairebarne be the supervisours of this my laste will and testament to se yt be performed accordinglie and geve to eyther of them xiid for their paines

                                                                                                                John Jarvis his marke

Theise be the wittnesses Marmaduke Fairbarne Raiphe Jackson Christofer Glen

Debtes which the said John Jarvis doeth owe

Firste to Isabell Bringestx li
Ite to John Bakeriiii li xid
Ite to Symonnd Wrightiiii li xs
Ite to John Somnerxxxs
Ite to Thomas Moarexxvis

Probate Leicester 1 October 1600


A true inventorie of all the goods cattels & chattles moveable and unmoveable of John Jarvis late of Eaton deseased praised by these foure men Raufe Jacson John Sumner Wiliam Baly William Towers as foloweth

Inpris money in his purs and his apparillxxxs
Item the whole crope of corne and hayxx li
Item xiiii sheepe with all the pullingiii li
Item iii mares & one filley iii bullokes with iiii horned beasexv li
Item iii swynexxs
Item weane & weane geares plough and plow geares with scrockes [?] for an other weane & one 
gavlock & other iron warevi li xiiis iiiid
Thinges in the house 
And first in the warde parloure ii beds with furniture to the beds & ii greate chesxxxs
In the second parloure 
ii beds with furniture to the beds boulsters pillobers blankuts table cloothes towels and napkins 
in the same place one prese with x paire of sheets & xx yards of new cloth with foure chesx li
In the chamber 
One bed with furniture to the bed with wheeles & other implementsxxxs
In the house 
One frame table ii formes ii coberds iii chese with iiii bras pots iiii bras pans with xxx peeces of 
pewter v brazen candlestickes one brazen morter with other necessarie thingesviii li
In the butterie and kitchin 
First in the butterie ii lowmes with bottles to drink in & many other necessarie thinges 
Item in the kitchin one lead iiii brewing tubbes & a salting troughxls
Item in other places x new boords a paire of new quornesxxvis viiid
Suma tot72 li 10s