Jarvis Alexander 1623 of Eaton Will

Alexander Jarvis of Eaton 1623 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1623/65

February 10th 1622

In the name of god Amen I Alexander Jarvis of Eaton in the Countie of Lecester husbandman, beinge sicke in bodie, but whole in minde and of good and perfect memorie (Thankes be given to god) doe make and ordeine this my last will and testament in manner and fourme followeinge

First I bequeath my soule into the hands of allmighty god my maker, hopeinge to be saved by the merritts of the death and passion of Jesus Christ my redeemer and by no other meanes and my bodie to the earth from whence it Came, and to be buried in the Churchyard of Eaton aforesd

It I give to the Church of Eaton iis

It I give unto the poore of Eaton iiis iiiid

It I give unto James Jarvis the sonne of Thomas Jarvis of Statherne deceased my kinsman 2 ewes neither of the best nor of the worste, to be delivered unto him at Martilmas next after my decease, and allso a paire of graye breeches, with the doublet and Jerkin suitable thereto

It I give unto Bridgett and Isabell his daughters my kinswomen xxs a peece

It I give unto Thomas Jarvis my sonne in lawe all the Implements in the house and upper parler (exceptinge the bed which he lieth in)

It I give unto John Moare of Claxton my best suite of apparrell hoase Jerkins and breeches and to Francis his wife my daughter in lawe as much houshold stuffe as shall be estimated worth xxs

It I give unto Elizabeth Jarvis my daughter in lawe that Coffer which she hath now in use and another Coffer that standes now in the Chamber and a paire of hempen sheets

It I give unto Agnes Jarvis my daughter in lawe the Coffer at my bed side, the bigger brasse potte, and the best board Cloath

It I give unto Alice Jarvis my daughter in lawe the Cubboard in the house the bedstead in the upper parlour with the furniture to it my Coffer the Christeninge sheete with 2 pillow beares, and one towel

All the rest of my goods whatsoever, my debts paied, my legacies discharged, the Church satisfied, and my bodie decently brought to the ground I give unto Margaret Jarvis my wife whom I make full and soule executrix of this my last will and testament the daye and yeare first above written in the presence of Thomas Caunte Clrk and Robt Sympson and Richard Tompson whom I appointe and ordeine Supervisors hereof

Probate Melton Mowbray 1 April 1623


The true and perfect Inventory of the goods of Alexander Jarvis late of Eaton deceased, praised and valued the 24th of February 1622 by Anthony Marriott Robt Sympson and Richard Tompson as followeth

The parlour 
Impris his purse and apparelxxs
It 5 flaxen sheets, 7 pillow beares 2 flaxen towels, 2 flaxen board Cloathes & 2 diaper towelsxxxs
It 6 paire of hempen and midlinge sheetes, & 3 napkinsxxis
It 2 bedsteads and their furniturexxs
It one mattrisse, one Coveringe, & 2 boalstersxs
It 2 Coffers, one boxe and a Chaire with a tablevis
It one bedstead in the upper parlour with the Cloathesxs
It one Chist there with 2 little Coffersiiiis
The house 
It a tubvs
It one great panxvis
It 3 litle pannesvs
It 2 brasse pottsvis
It 4 great platters with 4 lesserviiis vid
It 4 porringers one Candlestick with 3 litle peices of old pewteriis vid
It one Cubboard there a litle fall board, one Chaire, the fire reckins with the Implements therexvis
In the yard and field 
It Corne and hayexxxs
It 2 kineiiii li
It 20 sheepiii li
It Corne sowen and land readie to sowexxs
It thinges forgotteniiis iiiid
Sumaxviii li xviiis iiiid