Ireland Agnes 1567 of Holwell Will

Agnes Ireland of Holwell 1567 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1567/62

In the name of god Amen In the yeare of ower lord god mdlxv the sixte daye of January I Annes Iarland of Hollwell in the perrishe of Abkettellbe seicke in body butt hoill in mynde & perfyt of rememberans dothe make thys my laste wylle and tesstementt In maner and forme folloyng

Fyrste I bequethe my sowell unto allmyghty god and my body to be beryyd In the churche yarde of kettelbe befoore sayde

Also I geve to Robertt Mowar chylderin to syxe of them iiiid a peisse

Also I geve to my dowghter Margarytt a panne and a brasse potte & iiii pewter platters and iiii peyre of sheitts and a cowe & one Arke and iiii sheipe

Also I wylle that Wyllyam Mowar thre chyldren have every one of them a sheipe and every one of them a flaxon sheitte

Also I wyll that Elzabethe Crane have a flaxon sheitte

Also I geve and bequethe unto John Mowar my sunne my housse wythe All the purtenans thereto belongyng in the towne and feylde of Hollwell

The resydu of my goods nott bequethyd I geve & bequethe unto John Mowar my sunne hoo I orden and make my fulle exsecketor of thys my laste wyll and testementte for to dyspoisse my goods to the tenor heire of

Thes mene beyng wyttnes Willyam Hurste and John Neyll with other moo

Probate 10 June 1567

A Invetory of all the goods & Cattyll of Annes Ierland laitte of Hollwell disesyd precyd by Wyllyam Hurste & Rychard Hursste & John Hollwell the xii daye of Maye In the yere of ower lord god mdlxvii

Im prims hyre aparrellvis viiid
Itm In the housse A board & A forme And A chearxiid
Itm A bassone & iiii candylsteks And xii peisses of pewterixs
Itm iii pannys & A skomarxiis
It iii potts & A possnettxs
It the potte howks & A hyngyng branderinxiid
Itm A eyran gavelocke & ii eiarn wedges And A Iarn peicke A … & A peire of …vs
Itm In the perlar xii peyre of sheitts vii peyre of flaxon & v of hardenxls
Itm ii boardclothys & ii towylls ii pylloberes ii boulstears & ii mattrissesxs
Itm iii coverleds & ii blangkettsvs
It iii cooffars & A bedstead & A wyndoclotheiiiis
Itm A Cowe & a sheipexls
Summa totalisvii li iiis viiid

Probate copy PR/I/258/24

In the name of god amen in the yere of our Lorde god 1565 the vi daye of January 1 Agnes Yreland of Hollwell in the parishe of Abkettilby sicke in body but whole of mynde & perfect of remembrance dothe make this my last will & Testament in maner and forme folowinge

Fyrste I bequithe my soule unto allmightie god and my body to be buryed in the churche yeard of Kettylbie beforsaid

Also I give to Robert Mower children to sixe of them iiiid a pece

Also I give to my dawghter Margarett a panne & a brasse pott and iiii pewter platters, and iii paire of sheets and a cowe & one arke & iiii shepe

Also I will that Willm Mower three children have every one of thema shepe and everie on of them a flaxen sheite

Also I will that Elizabethe Crane have a flaxen sheete

Also I give and bequiethe unto John Mower my sonne my howse with all thappurtenances therto belonging in the Towne and fyelds of Hollwell

The resydewe of my goods not bequiethed I give & bequethe unto John Mower my sonne whom I ordaine & make my full executor of this my laste will and Testament for to dispose my goods to the tenor hereof

Thies men beinge wittnes Willm Hurst and John Neyle with other mo