Hutchinson George 1613 of Harby will

George Hutchinson of Harby 1613 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/236

Ano dno 1613

In the name of god Amen I Gorge Huchingson of Harbye in the county of Leicester Taylor and wolwinder being sicke in body but of perfect memory Thanks be given to almighty god therefore

First I bequethe my soule unto god my Maker Saviour and redeemer and my bodye to be buried in the Church yarde

Imprimis I give and bequeathe unto my Eldest son Henry all my land after the deacease of my welbelovede wife and twenty shillings to be payde at the age of xxi years

Ite I give and bequeath unto … my daughter twenty shillings to be payd at the age of eighteene years

Ite I give unto Jane, unto Mac… and Margery my three younger daughters to each of them twenty shillings a peece to by payd when they shall come to eighteene yeares of age

Ite I give and bequeather unto my youngest sonn Thomas Twenty shillings to be payd when he Comethe to the age of xxi years

Ite I make and ordayne of this my last will and testamente my welbeloved wife my sole and full executrix of this my last will and testament and of all the rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts being payd and funerall expences discharged

Imprimis owinge to my eldest brother John Huchingson dwelling at Exton in the County of Rutland tenn pounds

Item unto my youngeste brother Robert Huchingson three pounds

Ite I owe unto William Wattsonn of Harby in the County of Leicester five pounds

Item I owe unto John Bradell twenty sixe shillings and eight pence

Item I owe unto William Chester Twenty shillings

Ite I owe unto William Holmes of Cotgrave in the County of Nottingham fifty sixe shillings and four pence

Ite I owe unto William Kerkby of Harbe ten shillings

The debts owing unto me

Imprimis Gilbart Robart oweth unto me Twenty shillings

In wittnesse whereof I the fore sayd Gorge Huchingson have sette my hand and seale the nynthe of December in the eleventh yeare of the raygaine of our Soveraigne lord James by the grace of god kinge of England France and Ireland and of Scotland the seven and fourtithe defender of the faythe &c

                                                                                                         The marke and seale of Gorge Huchingson

Seal and sined in the presence of us

Mathew Markham

John Braddell

Thomas Daye his marke

Gregory Spenser his marke

Probate 15 March 1613/4