Hurst William 1617 of Long Clawson will

William Hurst of Long Clawson 1617 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/239/114

In the name of god Amen this first daye of December in they yeares of the Raigne of our Soveraigne lorde James by the grace of god of England, France and Ireland, Kinge defender of the faith &c the fiteene of Scotland the fiftie & one 1617 I William Hurste of Claxton als longe Clauston in the Countie of Leceister husbandman, beinge sicke of bodye, but of good and perfect memorye (praysed bee god) Doe make and ordayne this my laste will and testament in manner followeinge

Imprimis I give and bequeave my soule to god that gave it & my bodie to bee buried in the church yarde of the parishe Church of Claxton aforesaide

Itim I give towards the repayreinge of the Church of Claxton aforesaid iiiis

Itim I give unto the poorest sort of people of Claxton aforesaide xs

Itim I give to the poore of Holwell five shillings

Itim I give to the poore of Ap Kettlebye 2s 6d

And my will is, that all this money given to all theis poore bee distributed att the discretion of the overseers of my last will & also att the discretion of the overseers for the poore in both parishes then beeinge

Itim I give & bequeave to my sonnes in lawe Thomas & John Foxe & to theire syster Ellen Foxe five poundes of good & lawfull money of Englande, to bee equally divided amongst them as the Come to theire severall ages of 21tie yeares And if it please god to take anie of them three in his or her minoritie, my will is that the whole five poundes remayne to the survivor or survivors as aforesaide

Itim if it please god that Margarett my nowe wife prove to bee with childe by mee, I give unto that childe or children fourtie poundes of lawfull money of Englande, to bee payed att the age of 21tie yeares

Further my will is that if my foresaied wife bee not with Child by mee, that then twentie of they foresaied fortie poundes shall remayne to my wife, the other twentie poundes I give unto my syster Margery Hurst to bee payed within one whole yeare next after her mariage

Itim I give unto my uncle Gregorye Henson als Hall of Grymston vs

Itim I appoynt & give the disposition of all my apparell to my father John Hurst to whome I give also my horse foole & my Shoemakers lasts & other Implements att Grantham

Itim I give unto my brother John Hurst and to everye one of my foure systers my five sheepe equally to bee divided

Itim I give unto my syster Agnis Hurst the wife of my brother John Hurst myne … cofer

Itim I give unto my servant Thomas Exon vid

Itim I give unto my servant Francis Holt iis

Itim I give unto my Cosen Richard Hicklinge the sonne of Richarde Hickling thelder my Byble

The rest of all my goodes & Chattells moveable & unmoveable I give & bequeave unto my loveinge wife Margarett Hurste whome I make sole Executrixe of this my last will and testament to see my debts & legacies payed & my bodye to bee brought honestly & reverently to the grounde

Lastly I ordayne & make my brother John Hurst of Holwell yeoman & Richarde Hickling thelder of Claxton aforesd husbandman overseers of this my last will & testament giveinge to either of them therefore five shillinges

Testes sunt Thomas Wright Scriptor

Richard Hicklinge his marke

Probate 20 January 1617/8