Hurst Robert 1551 of Holwell Will

Robert Hurst of Holwell 1551 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1551/53

In the name of god amen in the vii day of September in the yere of our Lord god by mcccccli I Robt Hurst of Holwell in the parishe of abkeytelbe beyng in holle mynd & remembrance dothe make & ordyne thys my last wylle & testymente as here after folowethe

Fyrst I bequethe my soulle to almyghty god & my body to be buryed in the churche yard of abkeytulbe

It I bequethe to my mother church of Lyngeon iid

It I gyffe to the poor mens boxe xvid

It I gyff to everie godchylde iiiid

It I gyffe to Rychard Smalye a shep or a lame

It I gyff to Schalford a strek a malt to be gyffyng to the poore people

It I gyff to Wartnabe a strek of malt to be gyffyng to the pore people

The resydew of my gudds I wyll that they be devydyd in iii parts the on to bring me to the grond A nother to my wyffe the iii to my chyldne & … that ys left of my part my wyll beyng fulfyllyd schalle reymayne to my wyffe & my chyldne

I make my executors my wyff & my brother Jhone Hurst & he to have for ys paynse vis viiid & Robt Blankney my Supervisore & he to have for ys payns iiis iiiid

Wytnes Wyllme Mowre Robt Crosse Robt Colyngton Wyllme … with other men

Thys ys the Inventory of Robt Hurst of Holwell in the paryshe of Abkeytulbe made in the yere of our Lord god mccccc & li presyd be Jhone Hurst Jhone Bayley Wyllme … Robt Blankney with other moo

Fyrst a borde a forme & a cheerexxd
It a nambreiiis iiiid
It a dyss… ii lommes with other trenstuffvs
It a pane a keytull & iii pottsxiiis iiiid
It ix platers & viii porrygers iii saucers & salt iiii candelstyks & a chawendyssexiis
It iii cofers ii beddsixs
It ii mattrys a bede covering ii coverleydsxviiis
It vi payre of flaxson schetts & ix payre of hardyne schetts iii bord clothys iiii towellsxls
It iii spynyng whellysiis
It a payre cobirns & the tonges & hynklysiis
It xx schepe & lammsviii l
It ii oxsn & ii bulloksv l xiiis viiid
It v kyne a styre & a hayforeiiii l
It ii marys a feyly & a colteiii li
It xiii sweynexxxs
It the pultrewarevis viiid
It a wayne the plowe ii … ii …xxxs
It plowtymbere howel… with other woodxxs
It the hayexxxiiis iiiid
It the croppe of corneix l
Suma totalxlii l