Hurst Margaret 1634 of Long Clawson Inventory

Margaret Hurst of Long Clawson 1634 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/36/225

A true Inventorye of all they goods & Chattels of Margarett Hurst of Claxton, als Longe Clauston, in the Countie of Leceister, widdowe, lately disceased, Taken this 7 daye of Januarye 1634 By Robert Wright, yeoman, John Faukes, and Robert Knotte, husbandmen, of Claxton aforesaied

In primis her purse and apparel0400
Itim 1 trusse bed, 1 Cheste, 2 Cofers0300
Itim 2 Coverleads, one blanket, 1 mattresse, 1 boulster, towe pillowes0268
Itim a peece of Carsen Cloth0118
Itim 2 bedsteades 1 Cofer0910
Itim 3 Coverleades, 1 mattresse, 1 boulster, 4 pillowes0146
Itim 3 flaxen sheets, 1 payre of Hempton sheets, 2 payre of Harden0282
Itim 1 Table Cloth, 1 pillowe beare towe napkins048
Itim a Chees Hecke, 1 board 2 tressells020
Itim 4 boards, 1 wollen wheele, 2 Lynen wheeles, 1 Chees hecke, a swingle   
Itim 2 Iron Teams, with other old Iron076
Itim 2 spitts, one payre of Cobberds032
Itim 13 pounds & an halfe of wolle yarne098
Itim in the Chamber, 3 sives, 2 Basketts, & other Impleaments032
Itim 3 Tubbs066
Itim in the Kitchin, 3 other tubs, one trough, other impleaments of wood, 1   
Axel tree, and Coales, a mouldinge trough0136
Itim in the yard, 2 kyne, one sicke heafer, a sheepe540
Itim Barley, pease, and hea068
Itim 1 wheat lande, and 1 lather, pales, rayles, stoupes in and about the yarde074
Itm I pigge and pullen068
Itim 2 doores and hovell tymber040
Itim Gorse020
Itim in the house, 1 Cubberde, 1 table, & frame, 3 formes, 2 Cheares, 1 fallinge   
table, with other impleaments of wood in the house0296
Itim all the brasse0327
Itim the pueter0100
Itim the Bacon0134
Itim the Buttrye, 1 barell, a salting troughe, & Tycknell ware, & other   
Itim 1 hatchett, a spade, & salt022
Itim 6 Quushions0020
Itim flower020
Itim 2 flaxen sheets, a board Cloth, a towel, one napkine, nyne yards of flaxen,   
a webbe of hempton, a webbe of harden, foure yards for napkins, 2 yardes of   
Lynsey wollsey0372
Itim the fire Irons, gallowe tree & other Impleaments, sackes, & things forgotten040
The whole sume is291910
Praysers names Robt Wright John Faukes Robart Knott   
Debts oweinge by the partie disceased at the time of death   
To Mr Samuell Watts uppon bond1080
TO Marye Forde uppon bond580
To William Kinge uppon bond580
To Robert Faukes uppon bond580
To Richard Carter133
To the Kings receiver, for halfe a yeares rent, due at Michaelmas last058
To Thomas Storer …043
To Robert Dafte0150
To William Henson als Hall0100
To William Wesbye1134
To Edward …012
To Thomas Foxe013
To xpopher Lee for Worke028
To Heughe Stevens013
To the Constable for a Leare [?]006
Suma totallis31104
Funerall charges   
For thadministration & Charges of Leceister0112
Charges at her buriall124
To Mr Wright & the Clarke005
Suma totallis11311

Exhibited Leicester 6 March 1634/5 by Robert Hickling of Long Clawson


Bond, bound Thomas Foxe husbandman of Long Clawson and Robert Hickling husbandman of Long Clawson 6 January 1634, condition bound Thomas Fox son and administrator of Margaret Hurst late of Long Clawson to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Thomas Foxe

                                                                                                                Robert Hickling