Hurst John 1691 of Holwell Will

John Hurst of Holwell 1691 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1691/99

In the name of god Amen I John Hurst of Hollwell in the County of Leicester Gent beinge aged & infirme in body But of sound disposinge memory doe make this my last will & Testament in maner following

Imps I give my soule to god that gave it trusting for salvacon by Jesus Christ And my body to be buryed at the discretion of my Executrix

It I give unto my son John Hurst & to his wife each of them ten shilling

It I give to my grandson John Hurst my bedstead in my best Chamber & my broad brimm’d brasse pan as heire looms supposeinge he may have a property in them And I give him my Copper with all the brewing vessells & wooden ware in the Brewhouse

Alsoe I give him my … & silver … box gold rings & … Candlestick

And as to the rest of my household goods my will is

It I give to my Granddaughter Wybrough Hurst a Silver Candle … & ten shillings And to the rest of my grand Children ten shillings to each

It I give to my Nephew John Hurst of Goadby my suite of apparell & to my Nephews Wm Hurst brother to the last named John Hurst the sume of five pounds which I will to be paid to his brother John Hurst aforesd within six months after my death & his receipt to be a sufficient discharge Neverthelesse he to give security either to pay it to bind him apprentice to some[MJ1]  kempt trade or to pay it to him at sixteen yeares of age

It I give to the poor of Hollwell ten shillings

It I devise to my daughter Bridgett all my Lands Tenements & hereditaments & the rents hereof in Coddington in the County of Nottingham untill my grandson John Hurst shall or may attaine his age of Twenty years if she soe longe live Remainder to my said grandson infee And if my said grandson dye before his said age then my said daughter to hold it for life the remainder to my right heires for ever

It Whereas I lately purchased to mee & my heires for ever of my son John Hurst an annuity or rent charge of ten shillings and of a certain inclosed ground of about 4 acres lying at the east end of the towne one end of it coming neare the Comon … end and the land of Charles Molton on the south and the lands of my son John on the north now my will is that the said rent of ten shillings per annum payable to mee & my heires shalbe disposed of as followeth (vidt) to be laid out in bookes for the benefit of poor Children & young people as it shall grow due yearely for ever at the feast of St Andrew

And having in my Life time found some comfort in bestowing some Catachise Book particularly the smaller Chatachise of the Assembly [?] with the exposition my will is that … such Cattachise book principally (I doe not say what) be provided & disposed accordingly: for I give liberty to him or them who shall provide them that he or they doe or may buy a bible or two foure times & dispose of them at their discretion or any other good books which … the fundamentally of … But I … that they … as are written catachistacally such as Mr Arthur Dent his plaine mans path way to heaven or Mr Baxters poor mans family book … of his … they have liberty: And my will is that my son John Hurst & his Heires shall soe longe as it shall please god to continue my name or family in Hollwell provide the sd books & dispose of them amongst the poor as he or they think fitt I doe not comitt them to any towne or place But my will is that he or they doe from yeare to year give an accompt how they are disposed of to the Viccar of Kettleby Constable Churchwardens & overseers of the poore for the time beinge or to some 2 of them within 3 months next every St Andrew day & if the said sume of ten shillings be not fully expended as aforesaid & books disposed as abovesd that the sd Viccar for the time beinge Constable Churchwardens & overseers for the poore or any freeholder or landholder in the towne of Hollwell is desired to see it done & performed: And it shalbe as lawfull for them or any of them as now it is for me to distraine impound detain & keep & dispose any goods or Cattell out of the aforesd parcell of ground untill the said sum of ten shillings with all arrears be fully satisfyed & paid & the money soe had by such distresse to be laid out according to the true intent & meaning of this my will And to this end I give the Deed by which I purchased the sd rent charge to the present Viccar of Kettleby to be kept by him & his successors that upon any occasion recourse may be had to it

It All the rest of my goods Cattel & Chattells Bills bonds debts & demands whatsoever I give to my daughter Bridgett Hurst whom I make the sole Exectrix of this my last will & Testament (my debts first paid & funeralls charges expended)

In witness whereof I sett my hand & seal the tenth day September 1690

                                                                                                                John Hurst

Signed sealed & published by the said Testator in the presence of us who subscribe our names as witnesses in his presence

Note these words [Remainder to my said grandson in fee] interlined between the 30th & 31 lines & the words [or elsewhere] were done before the execution of this will

Clemt Nedham

Mich Matthews

John Marriott

June 10th 1691

Memorandum that part of the 14 line the whole 15-16-17-8 and 19 in the first page of this will was than put out by the testator himself all things els in the sd will are hereby ratified and confirmed

In witnes whereof I have put to my hand seale the day and yeare above written

                                                                                                                John Hurst

Signed sealed & published in the presence of

Charles Moulton

Thomas Allat

Mary Reine hir marke

Probate 20 January 1691/2

Administrations 1691/81

Bond, bound Bridget Hurst spinster of Holwell and William Orton mercer of Leicester 20 January 1691/2, condition bound Bridget Hurst executrix of John Hurst late of Holwell to execute the will

                                                                                                                Bridget Hurst

                                                                                                                William Orton


An Inventory of the Goods of Mr John Hurst of Holywell in County of Leicester deceased Nov: 19: 1691:


Imprimis Pockett mony & Apparrell050000
In the parler   
One Joyne bed & Curtines four blancketts one rugg, one Featherbead, &   
mattrice one Trundle bed, one mattrice two blancketts four Pillows & one   
boulster; one cupboard & drawers & cupboard cloath three Flagg Chaires,   
one joyne Chaire, one table Chaire; Close Stooll & pann one Chest of drawers   
& dressing box50000
House eight Leather Chaires, one round table, two joyne Stools, one joyne   
Chaire one side board table, two Carpetts; one grate fire shovel & tongs11000
Buttery two Brass panns, twelve pewter dishes, one dozen & halfe of plates six   
Barrells milke panns400
Kitchin foure Brass panns three Brass potts one furnace one grate Foure tubbs,   
one Cheespress three pailes six Cheesfatts Dripping pan, Spitts, cobirons400
Best Chamber joyne bedstead feather bed with appurtenances therein500
An other Chamber Feather bed & appurtenances400
Little Chamber one bed100
Cheeschamber, malt four quarter & Chees2100
Twelve paire of Sheets tenn paire of pillow bares, five dozen & an halfe of   
napkins, six towells, six table cloths800
New Cloth Forty yards300
One sylver cupp two silver spoons300
Books Saints … … of the Commandments … Annotations Bible500
Three Cows664
Three Cows more550
Thirteen fatt Ewes8134
Thirty six Ewes more & Twenty two … hoggs2900
Debts good & bad bills & bonds20000
Things unseen & forgotten    200

This is A true & perfect Inventory taken by us

Edw. Cheseldyn

John Parnham