Hurst Alice 1580 of Holwell Will

Alice Hurst of Holwell 1580 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Will and Inventories 1580/67

Quite a bit of the right hand side of this will, particularly at the top, is missing.  Where the normal format of wills of the period indicates strongly the approximate nature of the missing words these have been included in square brackets.  The identity of the testator is known from the attached inventory

In the name of God Amen the xvth daie of November the yeare of our Lord God 1580 and the xxii yeare [of the reign of our Sovereign] Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of England Frannce and Ireland Quene Defendresse of the faith [&c I Alice Hurst of Holwell] in the Countie of Leicester wydowe beinge of whole mynde and in good and perfect remembrance praised [be almighty god do make and] ordaine this my present Testament contayninge there in my last will in maner and fourme followinge

[First I commend my soule into] the hands of Almightie God maker of heaven & Earth and of all things contained therein assuring myself [to be partaker of life everlasting] through Christe Jesus our Saviour knowing to be saved throughe him and by no other waies or meanes and [my body to the earth to be buried in the] Parishe church of Abkettlebye assuringe my self also that this same my bodye shall rise againe at the [last day

Imprimis I give and] bequeth to the Church of Abkettlebye fyve shillings

Item to the poore people of Warpnabie iis

Itm to the poor [of … …]

Item to the poore of Hollwell xiid

Item I geve to Elizabeth Freman two paire of harden sheets and one paire [of hempen [?]] and a Redde Coverledd

Itm I geve to Roger Freman a yewe and a lambe

Itm I geve to Elizabeth Holte my daughter [about two words missing] and ii paire of flaxen sheetes

Item I geve to Margerye Parpoint my daughter ii paire of flaxen shetes & ii paire [about two words missing]

[Itm] I geve to Agnes Warpnabie my two best kercheffes & a paire of harden shetes

Itm to Jone Warpnabie one flaxen [sheet

Itm to every] of my godchildren unmaried vid

Item I geve to Robart Holte xxs and to everye one of his children a lambe

Itm [about two words missing] Parpoint xxs and to everyie one of his children a shepe

Item I geve to Margerye Parpoint a harnesse girdle

Itm [about two words missing] daughters ii platters

Itm I geve to everye one of Willm Hursts children xiid and to Elizabeth his wife one kercheffe

[About two words missing] to Marye Hurst daughter to my sonne Richard Hurst one Coffer which was her owne Mothers and all things that [are in the] same Coffer to be Delyvered to Valentyne Hartopps wyfe to keepe

Itm I geve to Richard Freman xs

Itm to [about two words missing] Daughters a platter

Itm to everye servant that I have xiid also to Elizabeth Oliff one harden shete

[Itm to every] of Richard Spicks children xiid

Also I geve to Marye Parpoint my goddaughter a redd Coffer

Also I [give to …] Hurste sonne one yewe & a lambe

Itm I geve to John Neale whome I make Overseer of this my last [will and testament] iiis iiiid

And all the rest of my goods Cattails and Debtes unbequeathed I geve to John Hurst my sonne whom [I make my sole] and whole Executor of this my last Will and Testament

Theise being witnesses, Valentyne Hartopp Wyllyam Hurst

The Inventorie of all the Goods Cattails & Debtes of Alice Hurste of Hollwell in the countie of Leicester Wydowe who departed this life the xvi of December 1580 praised by these men the xxi of December John Neale Nicholas Parpoint Willm Hurste and John Bailye

The Haule 
First in the haule one table one fourme and a Cupboard prisexs
Item one Chaire and ii Stoolesxviiid
Item a painted clothxxd
Itm vi silver spoonesxxiiiis
Sumxxxvis iid
The parlor 
Item there one trusse bed with the fetherbedd matteresse & other furniture to the samels
Itm a table framed one fourme one Coffer & a green Carpit clothxiiis iiiid
Sumiii li iiis iiiid
The other parlor 
Item one bedsted ii Coffers i cupboard & a pressexs
Itm ii mattresses v bedhillings & iii blankettsiii li
Itm v paire of flaxen shetesxxxiiis iiiid
Itm iii paire of mydlinge shetesxs
Itm vii paire of harden shetsxxs
Itm ii flaxen bound clothes & one mydlinge one flaxen towel & ii mydlinge 
ix table napkinsixs vid
Itm iii boulsters iii pillowes & iii pillowberesviis
Sumvii li ixs sd
The Buttrie 
Itm one barrell ii Ale loomes one Worte leade with other ymplementsvs
Itm viii pewter platters & chargers with pewter dishes & iii porringers of pewterxs
The Kitchinge 
Itm iiii brasse pannes and kettellsxvs
Itm ii brasse pottsxvs
Itm ii spites 1 paire of cobberds 1 cresset a brasse morter with an yron pestill i fire shovel 
with other thingsviis
Itm a mashfatt a gilefatt with other wodden stuffexs
Itm ii bacon flixvs
Itm one brewinge leadeiiis vid
Itm an old paire of Quernesxxd
Itm i windowe cloth & iii sackesiiiis
Itm Lynen wheles wollen wheles & syvesiiis iiiid
Sumiii li iiiis vid
The yard 
Item ii cratchesiiis iiiid
Itm ii Lethers & other offall woodxs
Itm ii hovellsxiis vid
Itm i Cart & a wainels
Itm ii yron harrowesiiis iiiid
Itm i colter ii shares with yokes and teames plowes & plowe geares & carte geares 
one strike & a gavelockexvis viiid
Itm in plow tymber Howellvs
Itm in Coolesxs
Itm in hyvesxxs
Itm the croppe of corne in the feild & in the barne with the heyexxx li
Itm in horses mares & coltsx li
Itm i yoke of steares viii kyne iiii yonge beasts i calfexviii li
Itm i hundred shepe in yewes wethers & lambesxxiiii li
Itm half a shepefold in treyesxvs
Itm ii fatt swinexvs
Itm vi other swinexvis viiid
Itm in pultrey viz in geese duckes & hennesvs
Itm ii pickforkes with shovells & spades & other ymplymentsvs
Itm i sythexxiid
Item in apparelxxs
Itm in readie money in her poursevs
Sum92 li 14s 4d
Debtes owinge unto her 
First by Edmund Noble of Warpnabieix li
Itm by Willm Hart of Kerbye Bellorsxxxiiis iiiid
Itm by George Dafte of Hiclingexxvis
Sumxi li xixs iiiid
Sum totaliscxxi li iiis vid