Huckerby Richard 1597 of Eastwell Will

Richard Huckerby of Eastwell 1597 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/218/18

In the name of god amen the yere of owre Salvatyon 1590 that I Rychard Huccarbe of Estwell within the county of Lester husbandman sycke in body but perfyt in memory do ordayn & make thys my last wyll & testament as folowethe

Fyrste I bequethe my soule into the mercifull tuytyon of allmyghty god & to his sone Jesus Christe my only Savyoure & redemer & my body to be buryed in the churche yard of Estwell

Fyrst I geve to cathedral church of [blank] iiiid

I geve to the poor mens box of Estwell iiix iiiid

I geve to Jhon Huccarbe my sone a Ry lande of west … over old hyll … & a barly lande at parsone Cloysse ende

I geve to Wyllm my sone ii Ry lands of west in … under the balke next to Mastar Portmans woonge & ii lands of barley in lyng dayll & another Ry land lyynge under the … by Nycolas Perpoyntte

I geve to Harry Huccarbe my sone a Ry land in the west … lyynge by Wyllm Walker & a … lande in lynges dayll lyynge … whether he wyll

I geve to my sone Thomas xls yf he come at any tyme to hys bretheren

I geve to An Walkar my daughter a quiy & a barran whyt yoo to Harry Huccarbe my sone [blank]

I geve to Joan Huccarbe my daughter a paire of sheytts of hempen & a coverlet of green & yellow

I geve to Sysly my daughter a Ry land in the fare west …

I geve to Willm Huccarbe sone of Jhon Huccarbe one browne cowe

I geve to the Rest of Jhon Huccarbes children amongst them a yo hoge

I geve to Wyllm Huccarbe ii sons iis

I geve to Henry Huccarby son Rychard Huccarbye a red yerlynge calfe

I geve to Wyllm Walkar 6 chyldren amongst them ii strykes of seed ry

I geve to Joan my daughter 6 chyldren amongst them a stryke of ry & a stryke of barly

I geve to An Freman a flaxen shyet with a blake …

I geve to Franssys Freman a stryke of Ry

The rest of all my goods movable & unmovable my debts payde & legacyes performed & my funerall discharged I geve them All to Franssys Huccarbe my sone whom I do make my full executor of thys my last wyll & testament

In wytness hereof Wyllm Squyar Vyccar of Eaton … herof & Nycolas Perpoynte & Rychard Spyke

Further I dessyre Mr Porttman to be my supervysore of thys my last wyll & testament & for to have his charges borne at al tyms by my executore & I wyll that Mr Portman shepard shall take the best yo & lambe for hys mastar Portman that hys ys amongst my shepe

Probate 21 April 1597


An Inventory of all the goods of Rychard Hucerbey of Eastwell deceassed and prese the xx of Apprill 1597 by Will Portman gent Nycolas Parpoynt Ryc Spyke with others

Imprimis his apparell with mony in his poursexiiis viiid
Item All the Brasse iiii percellxs
Item foure peces of puteriis
It foure boulsters i pillowviis 4d
It 1 quilt 1 matressevs
It foure coverletsxs
It iii peayre of course shettsviiis
It 1 payre of Flaxen shetsvis
It 1 table clothe and tow pillowbearsiis vid
It iii toubes and a pealeiis iiiid
It 1 strike the pricexvid
It iii Chestesvs
It iii bedstedsiiis
It a chesfat a chesheck a shelve a skep and other trene warexiid
It 1 table and tresles 1 forme 1 cheare and thre cushensiiis iiiid
It 1 towell 1 shetvs
It ii spits ii sackes ii windowclothesiiiis xd
It a old waynexs
It viii hovel props and … with overlidgesvis iiiid
It Ry on the hovell to threshexls
It his corne groing in the feldexvi li
It the hay and all the peassexxxiiis iiiid
It 1 hempen shet and fyre Irons ii bottellsviis
It 1 cow 1 cabbardxxxvis viiid
It plowes harrows and teames and wemblesviiis vid
It iii coverlets 1 bowlster 1 pillowxxs
It halfe a quarter of Barleyxvs
It xviii fould tresiiiis vid
Sommxxix li xis viiid

Exhibited 20 July 1597 by Francis Huckerby