Hubbard William 1561 of Long Clawson will

William Hubbard of Long Clawson 1561 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/253

In the Name of Gode Amen in the year of our Lord god mdlxii the xxviii daye of January in the iiii yere of the Reign of Elizabeth by the grace of gode queen of Englande France and Ireland defender of the faithe &c witnesseth that I Willm Hobarde of Claxton husbandman sycke in bodye & of goode & perfect remembrance do ordayne & make this my last wyll & testament in maner & forme hereafter folowinge

Fyrst I bequethe my Soule to allmightie gode may maker & Redemer & my bodye to be buryed in the Churche yeard of Claxton my parish Churche

It to the mother Church of Lincoln iiiid

It to my parishe Church xiid

It to my Curett for my tythes negligentlie forgotten iiiid

It to Harbe Church xiid

It I bequethe to Ric my Sonne the hole draughte of my laborynge bestes & A Cowe

It I bequeathe to Edward Chase A … of ii yeres olde

It to Edward Chase A coverlett & a payre of harden sheates with all the peynted clothes about my bed

It to Ric Hoberd too of my best shepe that I have

It to my sonne John Bellome Children A Cowe

It to Izabell Bellome my daughter xs of golde

It to Thomas Hobard Children A Shepe

It to evrye godchild iiiid

It to Marye Hobarde A great Brasse pott

It to Iese Coppe half a strike of malte

It I bequiethe to Izabelle Bellome a panne Bassine

It to Thomas Hobarde & Agnes hys wyffe & Agnes children A shepe

It to Elizabethe Barrowe my godchild xiid

It I gyve all my goods unbequiethed to Ric my Sonne

It I ordaine & make Ric Hobarde my Sonne & Thomas Hobard my Exor of this my last will & testament

These witnesses

Xpofer Goodwyne Vicar

Willm Robinson

Robert Hobarde with other …

Probate 1561