Hubbard Robert 1695 of Saxelby Will

Robert Hubbard of Saxelby 1695 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1695

In the name of god, Amen I Robert Hubbert of Saxulby, in the county of Leicester husbandman: being weake in body; but of sound sence & understanding & of perfect memory: do ordain & constitute this my last will & Testament in manner & form following

My soule I return to god who gave it & my body I bequeath to the earth, from whence it was taken: to be buryed after such manner as to my executors shall seem meet

And as to those worldly goods wherewith god hath blessed mee, I dispose of them in manner following (my reall debts & moderate funerall Charges being in the first place satisfyed)

Imprimis I hereby give & bequeath unto my daughter Mary the summe of forty pounds of good & Lawfull mony of England to be paid unto her in the space of one year after my decease

Item I give & bequeath unto my dear brother Georg Hubbert the summe of Twenty shillings Intreating & appointing William Barlow of Sisonby & my said Brother Georg Hubbert to be Trustees for both my Children Robert & Mary Hubbert

Lastly, I ordain Constitute & appoint my wellbeloved wife Elizabeth together with my sonne Robert Hubbert to be the joynt Executors of this my last will & Testament

                                                                                                                Robert Hubberts mark & Seale

Sign’d seal’d publish’d & declar’d (by the sd Robert Hubbert) to be his last will & Testament Jan the 2nd 1695/6 In the presence of us

Tho Bleay

Will Barlow

Clemment Watson

Probate 22 February 1695/6


A small part at the edge of this inventory is missing

An Inventory of all the Goods and Chattles of Robert Hubbard [of] Saxulby in the County of Leicester husbandman lately decd taken & praised by us whose names are under Written the 14th day of February Anno Dni 1695/6

[Imp] his Purse & apparell150000
In the Hall   
One table, two chairs, 1 form00608
In the Parlour   
One Table, one Side board table 8 Chaires & 2 stools1100
In the Kitchen   
One Table, two stools & 3 Chaires, petwer [sic] & brass rackiron and some   
other small hooks040608
In the Brewhouse   
One Copper, 4 Tubs, 2 Kimnells, 2 pails, 1 pair of Querns030006
In the Dairy   
One Cheese press, 1 Churn, some shelves, and other odd Implements001006
In the Chamber over the Kitchin   
One bedstead & one feather bed, one set of Cartains, 1 pallet, two Chairs,   
& other odd things020000
In the Maids Chamber   
One bedstead & bedding & some other odd Implemts001500
In the Chamber over the Brewhouse   
Some boards & some other lumber000608
In the Chamber over the Hall   
1 Trunk, 4 Chaires, 2 stools & 1 looking glass001100
In the Garratt   
3 old bedsteads, & bedding & other odd Implemts010000
In the Sellar   
7 Barrells, 1 Thrall & other odd things010000
Barley thrasht & unthrasht in all appraised at321000
Wheat appraised at070608
Pease appraised at191304
In the House   
Malt appraised at021000
In the Stable   
11 Work Horses, 1 Colt, 1 Filley & three foals at501608
In the yard   
3 Carts, 4 Harrows & two plows, Geers & Implemts for husbandry120000
Cow cribs fence treys & fold treys011304
Linnen in the house appraised at031304
Clats of the barley earth, & bean earth at400000
In the Hogs Field   
30 Weathers221000
22 small weathers120000
In the Neather Mill Field   
14 Lamb Hogs070000
40 Weathers200000
2 Bullocks110608
4 Heifers060000
In the Upper Mill field   
6 heifers091000
1 Bull Calf010000
31 Ews181608
1 Ram010000
4 Fallow weathers011200
20 Lamb Hogs080304
6 Little Lambs010000
In the Home close   
7 Calves & 3 Cows130000
2 Cobs of Hay100000
In the Parsonage yard   
9 Cows221000
1 Bull, 1 Steer040000
In the Home yard   
13 Cows360000
4 Waining Calves020000
5 Swine Hogs050000
Sheep in the open field 127451304
In Wold ales   
15 Lamb Hogs090000
Some other odd things unseen & forgotten  010304
Sum Tot4681508

Will Barlow

Will Stephens

William Marratt

Exhibited 22 February 1695