Hopkinson John 1591 of Nether Broughton Will

John Hopkinson of Nether Broughton 1591 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1591/72

October the 6 1680

In the name of god amen Anno domini 1591 In the xxvith daie of Marche I John Hopkinson of Neyther Broughton in the countie of Leicester husbandman weake in bodie but hole in mynde and of good & perfect remembrance do ordeyne and make this my testament conteyninge there in my last will in manner and forme followinge

Fyrst I bequeathe my soule to allmyghtie god my onely maker & redemer trustinge in his estimable mercye that he wil for his sonne christe Jesus sake accept me as … member of his bodye and amonge the number of his electe and chosen children and as conceringe my bodie I comit to the grounde from whence it came, trustinge that he will rayse yt up againe at the laste daye not acorruptible and amortall bodye as yt ys now but lyke unto the gloryous bodye of my lorde and saviour christ Jesus

Imprimus I give unto the churche of Neither Broughton xiid

It I give unto the pore mense boxe in Neither Broughton xiid

It I give unto my daughter Marie in full satisfaction of hir childs parte xiid

It I do ordayne & make my wife and Wyllyam my sonne myne executors of this my laste will and testament to be proved

It I will that my farme shalle remaine to my wife and to my sonne Wyllyame to the bringinge up of my children and my goodes to be equallye devided into three partes one parte to my wife and too parts to be devyded equallye amongest my children

The reste of my goods unbequethed my debtes payd and legacies discharged I give unto my wyfe and children

I do ordayne and make my brother Wyllyam Hopkinson of Dalbie on the Wouldes supervisor of thys my laste wyll and testament to be proved

These beinge witnesses to the same

Thomas Blacknell minnister

Willyam Hopkinson Rafe Wrighte with other mo

Probate Leicester 3 September 1591


An inventorie of all the goods and cattell as well moveable as un moveable of John Hopkinson Neither Broughton in the Countie of Leicester husbandman dissesed presed by Wyllyam Hopkinson Wyllyam Browne Rafe Wright and Roberte Teyler the xxviiith day of Maye 1591

Inprimis his purse & reperellxs
It vi pere of sheetsxxs
It ii bordclothes iiii bolstersxs
It ii pilowes a mattres and a blanketxs
It iiii coverledsxs
It iii cofers ii bedstedsxs
It ix peces of peuterxs
It iii brasse panes & a scalletxxxiiis iiiid
It ii brase potsxiis
It ii cobbords a pen and a table a chere dishes and platters and other thinges in the housexxs
It all the panted clothes in the houseiiis iiiid
It a pere of querns iiii tubs iiii peles a strike a molding borde a hempstockexs
It iiii cushens and a benke clotheis iiiid
It iiii kie iii tow yer olds ii sters and a hefer ii yerlings ii calfesix li
It ii mares and ii horses ii yerling folesvii li
Item ii swinevis
It xii geeseiiiis
It a cocke and iiii hensis viiid
It ii spits a peare of cobbords and a fire irne and rekens & tonges a fire scomer a riple combexis viiid
It a wollen whele and a linen whele and a wynow clothe sifves & scatlesvs
It xvi irne stookes xxx stokes neales irne teams ii copyoks ringes & slings ii hatchets and a naxe 
ii wymbles & other irne warexxiis
Item the cart and cart gers and a weane bodiexls
It the plowe & plow gers and a litle timberxs
It iii harrowesvis viiid
It iii hovils and pales and other wood about the yarde and fleakesxxxs
It the hea and croppe on the grondex li
Suma Totalisxl li xviis