Holwell John 1636 of Holwell Inventory

John Holwell of Holwell 1636 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/38/141

A trewe and perfecte Inventory of the goods cattells and chattells of John Holwell late of Holewell in the county of Leic yeoman deceased Taken and prized the Fifteenth day of August in the Twelveth yeare of the raigne of our most gracious Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland Frannce and Ireland Kinge Defender of the faith &c by William Hurst of Holwell aforesaid gent Charles Moulton and John Holwell aforesaid yeomen Willm Shepheardson and Francis Harris of Abkettleby in the county aforesaid yeomen as followeth (viz)

Inprimis money in his purse and all his weareing apparell020000
In the dwellinge howse
One Table one frame one forme one Cubbord three chayres three ioyned
Stooles, fire Iron Shovell & tongs one gun of a bastard coll… … shelves and
other ymplements011000
Item one bible001000
In the Parler
Fowre silver spoones010000
Item one Table and frame Twoe formes and one chest010608
Item six Quishions twoe ould bed covereinges twoe ould blanketts and one
Item fowre paire of flaxon sheets five flaxon pillowbeares one flaxon Towell
fowre paire of hempen sheets Twoe paire of harden sheets Twoe Tableclothes
and one dozen of napkins030608
In the kitchen
Twelve pewter spoones000100
Item pewter weighing three stone and three pownds011800
Item five brass potts bigger and lesser five brass panns bigger and lesser one
pitch pan Twoe brass Candlesticks one brass ladle one scomer and chafing
dishe and one dripping pan030000
Item two paires of Iron cobbards and Twoe spits000600
Item one pestell and wooden morter000100
Item one leade, breweinge vessel, one kneadinge trough Twoe woodden
Kimnells one loade of Coales with other Implements020000
In the buttery and nether seller
Six barrells with a Turning dish a churne and Churnestaffe with other
Item one ould bedstead000100
In the newhouse and newhouse chamber
One haire cloth twoe ould great Tubbs broke and wholle peces of leade
three plowe teames, ould yron and swingletrees with Iron cheares one woollen
wheele one strike one paire of scales and beame with other Implements021000
Item one Crowe of Iron one cleever one hatchett and one axe000500
In the chamber over the parler
Twoe bedsteads five bedhillings six blanketts eight pillowes three matterices
Twoe boulsters twoe paire of sheets one new fether bedd tick and boulster041500
Item one desk to write upon and one little Table one wooden Trunk and one
ould Coffer000900
Item one paire of gould weights some small books & other Implements000300
In the chamber over the howse
One bed with ould furniture upon it000608
Item one warmeing pan fowre lether bottles one paire of brass weights
Twoe mawnds and other Implements001000
In the Store chamber
Mault wheate and rie to be spent in houskepinge010000
Item Twoe bacon flitches one corne Trie one ould chest one frying pan three
lynnen wheeles one ould table fowre sacks one salting Tubb with other
In the Dayrie
One cheese press one brase pan with other implements001304
In the Querne house
One frame for Querne stones Twoe ladders & other ymplements001304
In the neatehouse
Plowbeames and Trees cratches and other ymplements000900
In the barne
Twoe carts and one ould Tumbrill body one ladder poole three harrowes
a fowld of fleakes and other ymplements061500
In the Stable
Cart geares and plow geares with other ymplements020000
In the killne house
Two plowes, colters and shares and other necessaries belongeing to them
one fann for winnowing of corne twoe cart roapes fleakes and fleake barrs
forks shovells and other ymplements010500
In the yard belonging to the homesteade
Twoe hovells one grindle stone and troughe one paire of cart sheares Tymber
and other ymplements020000
Item eight kyne three yearling heffers and one wayned  calfe220000
Item fowre swine and three piggs040000
Item one stone trough before the house dore000500
In the feilds
Fowre draught horses and mares and one Twoe yeare old filly200000
Item the cropp of corne, grass, and hey0500000
Item fowre score and eight ould sheepe and Twelve lambs0300000
All other implements forgot and unprized000200
Suma tot17050

Exhibited 21 September 1636