Holwell John 1543 of Holwell Will

John Holwell of Holwell 1543 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1543/46

In the name of god Amen In the yere of owre lord god mccccc xliii & the xvii day of Marche I Jhone Hollwell of Hollwell In the paryshe of Abkeytylebe holl of mynde & remembrance makythe this my last wyll & testament as hereafter folowythe

Fyrst I bequethe my soule to god Almyghty & to owre blessyd lade Saynte Mare & to all the holy company of heyvyne & my body to be buryd in the churche yard of Abkeytylbe

It I bequeythe to owre lade of lyncone iid

It to the hey auter iiiid

It to keytylbe chyrche a busshell of malt

It to Hollwell chapel a busshell of malt

It to Schalford churche a busshell of malte or barley

It to Jhone my sone my horsys & marys the cart & the cart garrs & the plowe & the plow garrs

It I bequethe to Wyllme my sone a cow & a pott & a pane & a fettle folle & a peyre of flaxsone sheytts & a payre of hardyne & a pelloberr & a coverled & a quarter of malt a coofare & my best gakytt

It I gyffe to Margarette my dowhter a blake quey the grytte pane & the best pott & ii porrygars iiii puter platers the best candelstyke here mothers best gowne a reyd kyrtyll iii pyere of sheytts iii of flaxsone & iii of hardene a pellobere a bord clothe a towel a beyd coveryng of gryne [?] a arke a … & a kyrchyff

It to Agnes my dowhterr a panne & a pott a possnytt a blake calffe ii porrygars iiii puter plateyrs a candellstyke nyxt the best a gone a russhytt kyrtell iii peyr of shetts iii of flaxson & iii of herdyne & a pellober or bord clothe & a towel a coverled a cofar a … a reyd cappe & a kyrchyffe

It I gyffe to Rychard my sone a peyd cowe iiii sheyppe a quarter of rye & ii quarter of malt & a peyre of sheytts a russhytt cott & ii quarter of malt more yff he … with Jhone

It I gyffe to Nycholas my sone a brone cow ii sheppe & iii quarter of corne & a peyre of sheytts & a lytyll pane ii platers & a coverled

It I gyffe Herre my sone a blake cow & ii sheyppe iii quarter of corne & a peyre of sheytts & a lytyll pane ii plateyrs a coverled

It I gyffe Alys my dowhter ii calffys & a panne a pott ii porrygare a candelstyke iiii platers ii sawcers iii peyre of sheytts iii of flaxson & iii of hardyne a pellober a bord clothe & a towel & a cofarre a gowne of wyoleytt a redy kyrtyll a redy cappe & a kyrschyffe

It I gyffe to Margarett ii sylver sponns at hure maryage yf she lyff a yere & a day

It to Agnes a peyr of beyds with all that is at theyme yff she lyff a yere & a day after hyre marryage

It to Alys one sulver spone in lyke maner

It I gyffe to every on of my dowhters a grett platere

It to Margarett a lome

It Agnes a lynone well

It I weel that there be a trentall done for me & my …

The reysydewe of my guddys I will that they be at the dyssposition & ordeyn of my executors that ys Willme Gammlls & Robt Mustone & Jhone Hurst to be supervisore of my wylle & evere of them to have for ther pennys iiis iiiid

Wyttys Robt Crosse Rychard … Thomas Bayley with other moo

Thys ys the Invyeatory of Jhone Hollwell of Hollwell precyd by … Wyllm … Jhone Hurst Robt Crosse with others moo

Fyrst ii tabells iii charrs ii forms iii stolls iii …iiis vid
The … & heynyng the … & …iiiis viiid
The potts & panns & puteriii li iiis iiiid
The chawendyshe the … a basyne & cadelstyks & saltsiiiis
iii paylls 2 trenchers with other treenwarexvid
ii sheppfatts & v lomms iii leydds & peyre of quernsxxvis
iii beydds the … & cofars the saltine trowthe with other moxvis viiid
ii matrys & bolters iii bedy hyllyngs iiii coverleyds ii blankkytsxiis
The sheytts with leynyng …xls
A gone & gakytt with other reyparyllxxs
iiii … of bakyne & gressexs
The chymney of Yrone & the galores with other yrrone warexs
The horsys & carts & the garrsiiii li
iiii key & iii calffsiiii marks
The plow & the garrs & the plow timber & iiii yrrone harrowsxiiis iiiid
The howellys with other woodxiiis iiiid
iiii swyne & the polterey wareiis
The woll & the …xxiiis iiiid
xxti acres of greyneiiii marks
vi quarter or cornexxs
ix sylver sponnsxvs
vii sheppexs
vi heywysvis viiid
Suma totalxx li iiii & xs