Holt William 1673 of Holwell Inventory

William Holt of Holwell 1673 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/74/184

A true & perfect Inventory Indented of all & singler the goods & chattles of Willm Holt late of Hollwell in the County of Leic: yeoman deceased taken & appraized by us whose names are subscribed the th…th day of March Anno dni 1673 as followeth to witt

Imprimis his purse & Appariell011000
Itm twentie & one Ewes1500
One sheere hogge001304
Fifteene lambe hoggs100000
Three cowes090000
Five incalved heifers041304
Twoe yeare old Calves021608
Two weaneing calves010606
In the Howse
One fire Iron, sixe hookes & other utinsells000500
Three tables, three formes one bench foure chaires one stoole010000
One spit a paire of Cobb Irons & dripping panne000200
One Cupboard one shelfe 6s Eleaven Cushions 3s 6d000906
Twoe bibles 3s forty pound of pewter xxxiiis iiiid Fiftie nine pound of brasse at
7d a pound 35s031104
One brasse pott 16 l weight000800
In the parlour
Twoe Bedsteads 10s one Coverlidd & 6 blanketts 17s 6d010706
Two Mattrices 4s a feather bed 55 l weight 32s011600
Foure pillowes 24 l weight 14s foure boxes 16d001504
One Warming panne 12d an old feather bed 16s001700
Five Barrells & other Milke vessells in the Deary000500
In the Kitchen
One penne, six tubbs, three peales, one spade, & other utinsells001408
In the best Chamber
One Bedstead 15s one Livery Cupboard 5s010000
A sett of Greene Curtaines a rugge & Blankett020500
A sett of Red Curtaines & Counterpaine001304
One Coverlidd one Blankett twoe pillowes twoe bolsters010200
One flock bed & a Mattris & three Curtaines001100
Five satten Cushions & one Gilt Cushion000400
One chaire 3 stooles 4s one chest & two truncks 13s001700
One paire of flaxen sheetes 9s three paire of hempen sheets 12s010100
Twoe flaxen pillowbeares 2s three hempen ones 2s 4d000404
Tenne flaxen napkins & table cloth 7s some hempen napkins & two table
cloths 2s 8d000908
Three flaxen sheetes 12s twoe Oallin Cupboard clothes 5s001700
A flaxen table cloth 4s seaven napkins 3s 6d three flaxen pillowbeares 2s 6d
3 hempen ones 2s001200
Three hempen sheets & 2 harden ones 12s twelve harden napkins 4s001600
In the Chamber over the parlour
One Chest One Cherne one Bedd & bedding with other utensells001304
Twoe wheeles in the other chamber000206
Three hives of bees in the garden001000
The total sume is680904

Roger Waite

John Hurst

Exhibited 14 March 1673