Holt Thomas 1599 of Eaton Will

Thomas Holt of Eaton 1599 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/220/80

In the name of god Amen the viiith day of October in the xlith yeaere of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France & Irland Queene defender of the fayth &c I Thomas Howlte of Eaton in the County of Lecester husbandman beinge sicke in body, but of perfect remembrance doe make my laste wyll & testament in manner & forme followinge

Firste I bequeath my soule into the hands of god trustinge to be saved by the meryts of Jesus Christe and my body to the earthe

Also I geve and bequeathe to my daughter Alice Howlte Fyve pounds

Also I geve to my daughter Elizabeth Howlte Ten pounds

Also yf my wyfe be with Chylde I geve to the Chylde fyve pounds

Also I geve to my Sisters Children one yew hogge amongst them all

Also I geve one yew hogge to Jhon Howlte of Broughton [since the county is not stated this almost certainly means the Broughton in Leicestershire, that is Nether Broughton]

Also I geve to Willm Howlte his Children of Clawson one yew hogge

Also I geve unto Jhon Jarvice his children one yewe hogge monge them

All the Rest of my goods & Chattels unbequeathed, my debts payd & funeralls discharged I geve & bequeathe to Mary my wyffe whom I make my whole & sole executor to this my last wyll & testament

I make Ralphe Jacson & Jhon Sumner my supervisors & geve to ether of them for there paynes xiid

Theise beinge witnesses


Ralphe Jacson

Jhon Howlte

Probate Leicester 8 December 1599