Holt Ralph 1623 of Eaton Will

Ralph Holt of Eaton 1623 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1623/66 also PR/T/1623/76

Martii 10th 1622

In the name of god Amen I Raph Hoalt of Eaton in the Countie of Lecester husbandman beinge sicke in bodie, but whole in mind, and of good and perfect memorie (thankes be given to god) doe make and ordeine this my last will and testament in manner and fourme followeinge

First I bequath my soule into the hands of allmighty god my maker hopeinge to be saved by the merritts of the death and passion of Jesus Christ my redeemer, and by no other meanes and my bodie to the earth from whence it Came and to be buried in the Churchyard of Eaton aforesd

It I give unto Joahne Hoalte my daughter 4 li to be payed unto hir at the age of 14 yeares, until which time my will is that the said Joahne my daughter shall be brought up kept and maintained at the onely proper Cost and Charge of my executrix

Allso my will is that my executrix shall allowe and give unto the said Joahne my daughter the lawfull and statute use for the said 4 li from the age of 10 yeares untill she shall accomplish the said age of 14 yeares and then to deliver and paye into the hands of the said Joahne my daughter the said 4 li with the said 4 yeares use

Proveided that yf the said Joahne my daughter shall depart this naturall life before she Come to the age of 14 yeares that then the one halfe of the said porcon of 4 li shall be given to Joahne Hoalte my mother, and the other halfe to remaine to the use and behoofe of my executrix

All the rest of my goods whatsoever, my debts payed, the Churche satisfied and my bodie decently brought to the ground I give unto Joahne Hoalt my sister whome I make full and sole executrix of this my last will and testament the daye and yeare first above written

In the presence of Thomas Caunte Clerke and John Hoalt whom I make Supervisors hereof

Probate Melton Mowbray 1 April 1623


The true and perfect Inventory of the goods of Raph Hoalte late of Eaton deceased praised and valued the 28 of March 1623 by Thomas Yarwood Thomas Smith and Edward Graye as followeth

In the parlour 
Inpris his purse and apparrellxxxs
It 3 bedsteads 3 Coffers 3 wheelsxliiis iiiid
It one mattrise 4 pillowes and 2 bedhillingesxxiis
It sheets and other linnensxls
It his wives apparrellxxxvis
The house 
It one table with a frame and 2 fourmesxxxs
It one great pan 3 ketles and one skillittexxxiiis iiiid
It 2 brasse pottes 7 panes of pewter 2 saucers 2 Candle sticks a Chamber pottxxiiis iiiid
It one Cubord 2 Chaires one fall board stooles a cushions with an old penxxxs
It one brand iron 2 spitts with the fire reckingsiiiis iiiid
In the nether house 
It barrells tubs a pailesxxs
It the quirnesxs
It one grate tub wooll and sheep skinsxxxiis
In the yard and field 
It Cartes ploughs geares plough timber Cart tyre … and old ironvii li xs
It hovells lethers … and things about the wellxxxs
It 2 kine & 3 Calvesv li xs
It 3 horses & 3 maresx li xvs
It sheep and swinev li vs
It the Crop of Corne and haye both in field and townexxv li
It manure in the yard and thinges forgottenxxs
Sumatot74 li 4s 4d