Holt John 1662 of Eaton Will

John Holt of Eaton 1662 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1662

In the name of God Amen The 22th day of January in the yeare of Our Lord God 1658 I John Houlte of Eaton in the Countie of Leicester Laborore being sicke in bodie yet of good and perfect remembrance thankes be given to almightie god, doe make and ordaine this my last will and tastament in manner and forme following

First I bequeath my Soule into the hands of almightie god my Creatour, hoping to be saved by the death and passion of Jesus Christ my redemer, and through faith in him with the Lord my God increase in mee more and more unto my lives end, And my mind is that my bodie bee buried in the Church yard of Eaton aforesaid

Item I give unto my Granchild Ralph Hoult the best two sheere ewe of the seaven

Item I give unto Richard Porter Chilldren one black ewe and a white one

Item I give Robert Shawe Chilldren one black ewe and a white ewe

Item I give unto Micaell Sharpe Chilldren two ewes

Item I give unto Richard Porter the table and Trassels and two formes and a Sooe and a barrell and the great Ceest and the best bead stead and one hive of bees to John Porter

Item I give unto Robert Shawe the brasse potte and the Cupperd and one give of bees to John Shawe my Granchild and halfe a hive

Item I give unto Micaell Sharpe the great pann and the lesser Cheest and one hive of bees to John Sharpe my Granchilde

Item I give unto John Houlte my Sonne the Cheare and the littell panne and old beadstead and a old Ceest in the Chamber

And it is my will that Richard Porter Robert Shawe & Micaell Sharpe shall have equall the third part of the Corne in the barne devided amongth them

And it is my will that my sonn John Hoult Richard Porter Robert Shawe and Micaell Sharpe shall have the Cowe equaly devider amongth them

The rest of my goods unbequeath I give unto my sonne John Hoult and Richard Porter whome I make Sole executors of this my last will and teastamen thay bringing my bodie honstlie to the ground and paing my debts and legacies

And so the lord have mercy upon mee

                                                                                                                The mark of John Hoult


Robert George

Anthony Goode his marke

Aprill 4th 1659

John Hoalt is to allowe Richard Porter two pecks & a hallfe of Rye at Michmas next or … after

Probate Leicester 17 April 1662, John Holt son executor sworn, right reserved for Richard Porter the other executor


Aprill the 16th 1662

A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods Cattles & Chattles of John Hoult late of Eaton deceased Taken & prized by us Joseph Stevenson Wm Tinsley

Imprimis his Apparell purse & girdle0100
In the hall A Table and trestles and fourmes a greate Panne & brasse pot a little
panne an old Cupbord Two hookes and Rackens a … and barrell134
In the Parlour a bedstead & cloathes on it a greate Chest and little Chest0106
In the Chamber an old bedstead and a salting trough032
In the yard one Cowe and 3 hives of bees3106
In the barne Corne 4 strike0100
In the field 7 sheepe1150
In thinges unnamed & forgotten024
The Totall Summe is8410

Joseph Stevenson

Wm Tinsley

Exhibited Leicester 17 April 1662 by John Hoult son