Holt Hugh 1638 of Holwell Inventory

Hugh Holt of Holwell 1638 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/40/254

A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods cattells and chattells as well moveable as unmoveable of Hughe Holt of Holwell in the County of Leic husbandman deceased taken and prized the Seaventeenth daie of September 1638 by Charles Moulton John More Henry Gamble and Henry Peight as followeth vizt

Inprimis his purse and apparell03000
In the Hall
Item the Table with a forme, a Cubberd, a penne, three chaires, fire irons,
a gavelocke & a brandirone01100
In the kitchinge
Item foure tubbs foure peales, two Chaires Certaine wood and coles01100
Item all the Brasse and pewder01100
In the parlor
Item one bedstead with the Cloathes upon it03000
Item the Cloathes of the other bed01000
Item one peece of woollen Cloathe01000
Item one Coffer and a box00060
Item three barrells and a presse00040
Item two paire of flaxen sheets two paire of hempen sheets one table Cloath
foure napkins foure pillowbeares & two towells02000
In the Chamber
Item one Chest one forme one Cradle, one Trundlebed00100
Item one stone of wooll00100
Item all the butter and cheese with other implements01000
In the barne
Item all the hey, barley, Rie, Pease and oates13000
In the yard
Item foure neate beasts10000
Item twentie & seaven ould sheepe and nine lambs11000
Item one sowe & one pigge01000
Item five henns and a Cocke00020
Item tenne fleakes with other wood seene and unseene00100
Suma total52120

Charles Moulton

John More

Exhibited 5 December 1638