Holman Leonard 1661 of Goadby Marwood Inventory

Leonard Holman of Goadby Marwood 1661 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/55/180

A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods & chattles of Leonard Holman of Goadby Marwood in the County of Leicester Minister deceased the 12th day of January 1655 as followeth vizt

Imprimis his purse Apparell00500
In the hall one Table six Joynt stooles six backe Chaires00270
Itm one Levrie Cubbard two Joynt Chaires foure matted chaires three   
wicker chaires one hanging Table00110
Itm one little standing Table one ioynt forme and a payre of tables00076
Itm three greene cloth carpetts, three wheeles & a reele00226
Itm a dogg wheele, spit, Cobb Irons, fender, fire Irons, Rackes, Hookes,   
tosting Iron, forke, pott hookes Bellowes, fire shovel, a paire of tongs, with   
other several appurtences00116
Itm two smoothing Irons, chafing dish and a brand Iron00070
Itm one hanging candlestick grater and linnen yarne00176
Itm five pounds of wollen yarne00050
In the Pantry   
Imprimis thirty two peices of peawter Twenty nine vessels of Brasse a Dripping   
pan rosting & broyeling Iron00900
In the parlour   
Impris one standing Bedd ready furnished one trundle bed furnished one   
warmeing panne two chamber potts007148
Itm two tables one livrie cubbard two Carpetts and a trunke00200
Itm eleaven peices of Plate00700
In the buttery   
Imprimis eight barrells with other necessaries001106
In the Dayry   
Impris one bed, bedstead, Curtaines, vallance, Rugg, Blanckett, sheetes   
with thappertences Cubbard cloth carpet01000
Itm three Chayres, foure stooles … worke002100
Itm one table, one livry cubbard one … & fireIrons00140
One trunke, eight payre of flaxen sheetes one holland sheete nine holland   
pillow beares, foure dozen of flaxen napkins five flaxen table Clothes with   
other things02100
Itm three tables flaskets & two deskes000110
Itm one presse one wicker Cradle & one wooden cradle00150
In the Maides chamber   
Imprimis one bedd, bedsteed Curtaines Vallance Rugg & other good   
furniture two tables three trunkes a closse stoole nine paire of hose house   
sheets, six flaxen pillowe beares with other wearing linnen with a strike chest   
& pecke01100
In the Cheese chamber   
Impris Rackes Boards, shelves, skepps, a beddsteed & other things00100
In the kitchen & Cole house   
Impris foure baccon flitches, on Leade, seven tubbs and cheese presse   
2 boards with other necessaries00500
Itm one paire of quarnes 2000 weight of Coles00200
In the stable   
Impris on Gelding briddle saddle pillion & pillion cloth006100
Itm in hay, racke, manger & other things00200
In the barne at home   
Impris in barly00500
In the yard at Home   
Impris the … the hovell & offall wood00100
Itm foure hives of Bees foure Ladders two swyne, six henns and a cocke,   
foure sackes002134
In the feild   
Impris in oats and Hay in parte with Lawrence King02000
Itm the parte in the barne nineteen fence trayes foure sheepe Cribbs, part   
of five swine00600
Itm twenty four Ewes, twenty lambe hoggs parte of a Ramme with John Davy02400
Itm three Cowes, two yearelings & a calfe at stake01000
Itm one peice of wood00050
Itm one and twenty Deares to bee removed00226
Itm one horse trough & three swyne troughs00068
Itm one Buckett well roap Crubb & chaines00080

Prayesd by us

Thames Baylley

Loranse Kinge

Exhibited 5[MJ1]  October 1661

Bond, bound Elizabeth Holman widow of Melton Mowbray, Humphrey Saul tapster of Melton Mowbray and Mayfeild Cloxom labourer of Goadby Marwood 18 May 1661, condition bound Elizabeth Holman relict of Leonard Holman of Goadby Marwood Clerk intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Signum Elizabethe Holman

                                                                                                                Humphrey Saul

                                                                                                                Signum Mayfield Cloxom