Hoe Robert 1650 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Robert Hoe of Long Clawson 1650 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archive, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records

In the Name of God Amen Aprill the 26th Ao Dom 1650

I Robert Hoe of Claxton alis Longe Clawson in the County of Leic husbandman beinge weakely of body, but of good & perfect memory (prased be God therefore) doe deavise & make this my Last Will & testament in manner & forme following that is to say:

First I bequeath my Soule to Allmighty God my Creator hopeinge & verily assuring my selfe through … his mercies & the All sufficient merits of Jesus Christ my onely Saviour & Redeemer to be partaker of Life everlasting And my Body I bequeath to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in Christian burial in the Church yarde of Claxton aforesaid at the discretion of my Executor

And for my worldly Goods which it hath pleased God to endue me with I doe dispose of them in manner & forme following that is to say

First I give & bequeath unto my loving Sonne John Hoe six Pounds for his filial portion to be payde unto him a year after my decease

Item I give unto his Sonne John Hoe six pounds thirteen shillings & four pence to be payd where he is Ten years old on this Condition that his father put it forward for him for his good & benefit & that his father … give bond when he … this summe to preserve my Executor harmlesse

Item I give unto my Lovinge Daughter Anne Hoe fortie Pounds for her portion to be payde four years after my death & alsoe three Pounds six shillings & eight pence for the Craft which was called her heifer Allsoe I give her one Chest & the Linnen therein & other things which were her mothers there allsoe a Cradle that … 3L 6s & 8d to be payde allsoe foure years after my death

Item it is my Will that the fouer Pounds given to George Pritchett beinge his portion formerly given him & beinge in my hands be payde to him when he cometh to the age of one & twenty yeares besids I give him fouer Pounds to be payde when yt the portion aforesayd is payd & if … testator performe his … a whole year with … Executor then I give him ten shillings besids the aforesayde

Item I give unto my Warde Frances Bridgett Henfret two shillings & six pence

Item I give unto the Children of my Brothers John and Andrew Hoe & to the Children of my sister Anne Smyth twelve pence a peece if it be Lawfully demanded

Item I give unto my Lovinge Sonne Edward Hoe & to his heires for ever all the rest of my Goods whatsoever undisposed of with my house & Land & all the appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging lyinge in the Liberties of Claxton aforesayde whom I doe Constitute appointe & make the full & onely Executor of me & of this my Last Will & testament desiring & … him to pay all my Legacies aforesayde as aforesayde & my debts (if any be) & my funeral Charges thus revokinge all former Wills tofore by me made I doe constitute & apointe this to be my Last Will & Testament wittness my hand & seale hearunto put the day & year above written

                                                                                                         The marke & Seale of Robert Hoe

Reade, published, Sealed & delivered to be the Last Will & testament of Robert Hoe aforesd tator in the presence of

Robert Kirkby

Thomas Hickling

Richard Hicklinge


A true & perfect Inventory of all the Goods Cattell & Chattells of Robert Hoe Late of Claxton alis Longe Clawson in the County of Leicester Late deceased husbandman taken June the 21st 1650 with the Goods of Edward Hoe his Sonne in the … by Thomas Hicklinge & Richard Hicklinge Jun of Claxton aforesaid & Hugh Guy

  £ s d
Imprimis his purse Aparrell & Girdle 3 0 0
Item one table & a forme & 2 Cubberts 1 2 0
Item in the parler 0 5 0
Item 6 Cusions 3 Chayres 3 … & 6 trenchers 0 4 0
Item one trusse Bed & 3 standinge beds 0 16 6
Item 5 Coverings & 4 blanketts 1 1 0
Item 3 Matrises 0 5 0
Item 2 boulsters & 5 pillowes 0 5 0
Item one Bible 0 8 0
Item 2 chests 1 payre of flaxen sheets 2 payre of hempinge sheetes & 3 payre of      
larding sheets 2 pillowbrares & 2 table clothes 1 7 0
Item 3 brasse pots 5 pans 3 barrells & a Churne 1 7 0
Item in wheate & barley & Cheese 2 0 0
Item earthen vessells & other implements there 0 2 0
Item in Coales one Carte & Carte geares 2 ploughs & plough geares three sheep      
cribs & 14 fleakes 2 8 4
Item 2 harrowes one hovell & old woode 0 12 0
Item 9 Cowes 14 12 6
Item 3 Mares & one horse 10 1 0
Item 30 Sheepe 8 6 8
Item the oxen upon the ground in grasse & Corne 18 0 0
Item 3 … 0 13 6
Item 2 … forkes 3 pickforkes one shovel & a ladder 0 2 0
Item 9 hens & a Cocke 0 2 6
Item fire Irons & Rackings & old Iron 0 1 8
Item things unnamed & forgotten 0 3 0
The Summe total is 67 5 8

Robert Hoe husbandman buried Long Clawson 1650