Hoe Edward 1695 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Edward Hoe of Long Clawson 1695 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1685/21

In the name of God Amen The eighteenth day of January 1694 according to the computation of the Church of England I Edward Hoe of Claxton als Long Clauson in the County of Leicester yeoman being sick & weak of body but of a sound & perfect memory Blessed be Almighty God for it doe make & ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner & forme following That is to say

First & principally I comend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator hoping through the merits of Jesus Christ my only Saviour & Redeemer to receive full pardon of all my sins & be made a partaker of life everlasting, & as for my body I comend & commit to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buryed in such manner as my Executrix hereafter named shall thinke fit & convenient

And as touching that temporal estate which the Lord in mercy hath lent me I dispose of it in manner & form following That is to say

First I give & bequeath unto my second son Edward Hoe eight pounds to be paid him when he attains the age of one & twenty & if he die before he attain that age then my mind is that my daughter Sarah shall have six pounds of the eight pounds aforesaid

Item I give unto my daughter Sarah Hoe twenty pounds out of the Cottage & Land that I have & for non payment of the twenty pounds I will that my daughter Sarah enter upon it & have it & my mind is that the twenty pounds be paid her when she comes to the age of one and twenty

Item I give & bequeath my Cottage & Land to my eldest son John Hoe & he to enter upon it when he comes to the age of one & twenty, yet reserving the thirds of my Cottage & lands for my loving wives life

Item my Will is that my wife shall have & hold my land & Cottage to bring up my children till my son John Hoe be one & twenty years old

Item my mind is that my wife shall have all my goods & I doe hereby give & bequeath unto my loving wife all my goods whatsoever & that she shall have the full disposal of them as she pleaseth

And lastly I make & ordain & appoint my loving wife Catherine Hoe sole Executrix of this my last Will & Testament

Thus revoking all former Wills & Testaments by me made I doe hereby ratifie & confirm this my last Will & Testament

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this eighteenth day of January 1694 [1694/5]

                                                                                                         Edward Hoe his marke

Signed sealed & published as the last Will & Testament of Edward Hoe in the presence of us

John Reay

Robert Wright

John Doubleday


A true and perfect inventory of all the Goods Cattell and Chattells of Edward Hoe of Long Clauson in the County of Leicester deceased the 21st day of January 1694 [1694/5] and prized the 23 of the same month by us whose names are here subscribed

  £ s d
Imprimis his purse and apparel 1 13 4
Item Pease & Barley 10 0 0
Item hay & two pigs 3 16 0
Item four bease viz 4 with a calf 12 0 0
Item One & twenty sheep 8 0 0
Item Clott upon the ground 6 0 0
Item Two beds in the chamber over the house with wool & other inconsiderable      
things 2 10 0
Item In the store chamber cheese & other smal things 1 0 0
Item In the old parlour a bedsted & Curtains a cubbord a chest 4 chairs a peec      
of cloath & other smal things 4 10 4
Item In the new parlour A bed & bedsted curtains & vallance & other bedding      
with linnen & other smal things 2 6 8
Item In the Chamber over the dairy a Copper & wheels & several other      
necessary things 2 10 0
Item In the dairy a Milkpan & milk vessels & other things 1 0 2
Item In the kitchen Brass a table & several other things 1 10 0
Item In the house A long table & forms & six chairs 0 11 0
Item peuter & a pot and money out at interest 9 0 4
Item fire irons & other things in the chimney 0 6 8
Item Manure in the yard 0 5 0
Item Sheep cribbs & fleakes 0 3 4
Item Things unseen & forgot 0 13 4
                                                                                                             Sum tot 68 16 2

John Reay

William Stokes

Richard Guy

John Doubleday

Probate 26 April 1695