Hodge William 1729 of Grimston Inventory

William Hodge of Grimston 1729 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1729

An Inventory of all the Goods and Chattels of William Hodge Late of Grimston in the County of Licestr farmer Decesed taken and Appraized the 6th day of May Anno Domini  1729 By us whose names are here under written

Imprimis his purse and Apparall0150
Item for Goods in the house0120
Item for Goods in the parlour and Beds and Beding150
Item for Brass and Putter126
Item for Goods in the chamber0100
Item for Six horseiss1200
Item for five Cows11150
Item for the horses Gears an Collers0140
Item for two Sheep0100
Item for one wagon and 2 Carts7100
Item for a plow and harrows086
Item for 18 acre of Barley Ground900
For 18 acre of pease Ground4100
Item for two pigs  080

Aprized by us

John Kellam

The mark of William Bruster

Bond, bound Alice Hodge widow of Grimston, John Wakelin farmer of Grimston and William Brewster farmer of Grimston 7 October 1729, condition bound Alice Hodge relict and administratrix of William Hodge late of Grimston intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                The marke of Alice Hodge

                                                                                                                The marke of John Wakelin

                                                                                                                The marke of Wm Brewster