Hickling William 1623 of Hose will and inventory

William Hickling of Hose 1623 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1623/17

October the 30th 1622

In the name of god Amen I William Hickline of Hose in the County of Leicester Carpenter do make this my last wil in this maner as followeth

First I Comend my Soult to almightie god and my body to be buried in the Churchyard of Hoose Aforesayd

Item I do grant And give unto Isabell Hickline my wife all that my house and land Called by the name of an Ancient Cottage with all the … Appurtenances belonging to the same lyinge within the Towne and feildes of Hose Aforesaid To … and inioye the same during her naturall lyfe Provyded that if she do marye agayne Then she shall inioye neither my house nor land but shall … … … … goods

Also my wil is that at the daye of her mariage then Richard Hickline my sonne shall enter upon all that my house and land with the … names lying and being within the Towne and fields of Hose aforesaid to have hould and inioye the same to him and his heires forever (he the sayd Richard yelding and paying unto my sone William Hickline and George Hickling the perfect sume of Thirtene pownds six shillings and eight pence a piece)

Item my wil further is that if my wife Isabell Hickline to not marrye agayne but live in this my Cottage unmarryed dureing her naturall life then my wil is that my eldest sone Richard Hickling shall after the decease of the sayd Isabell my wife, have, hold, and inioye all that my house and land with the Appurtenances lying and being in the Towne and feildes of Hose aforesaid To him the sayd Richard and his heires for ever provided that the said Richard Hicklyn my sone shall give and paye unto my my sonne William Hickline the perfect sume of Thyrtene pounds sixe shillings And Eight pence and unto my sonne Geo: Hyklin the like sum of 13l 16s 8d of good Eng mony at or within the space of Twoe yeres After he hath entered upon the sd house and land with the Aptenances lying and being As Aforesayde

Item I give to the repayre of the Church of Hose Twelve pence

Item I give to the pore of Hose Twelve pence

Item the Residue of my goods unbequeathed (my depts discharged) I give unto Isabell Hickline my wife whome I do make the full executrix of this my last Will and hereunto I have set to my hand and seale the day and yere above written

In the presence of

Georg Fullwood minister

Richard Julian

Steaven Henson


A True Inventorie of all the goods of William Hickline of Hose in the Countie of Leics latly deceased Takend And praysed by Georg Fullwod minister James Juliene Steaven Henson Thomas Hastings Anthonie Parlbie the 28 daye of August 1623

Imprimis his purse and apparel 20s

Itm pease and haye 26s 8d

Itm 3 keyne         6li

Itm one Cupboards with brasse and pewter 30s

Itm one Table with formes and Cheres with other implements in the house 6s 8d

Itm 3 payre of shetes with other lynens 2 Coverlids one mattres 2 blankets one boulster 3 pillowes 2 bedsteads 2 Coffers 30s

Itm one stone of wooll with other things in the Chamber 20s

Itm one hovell with trifling things n the yard 13s 4d

Itm 2 Swyne … 13s 4d

Suma totalis 14 li

George Fullwood

James Julian

Steven Henson

Thomas Hastings

Anthonie Parlbie

Probate 23 September 1623