Hickling William 1540 of Long Clawson will

William Hickling of Long Clawson 1540 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1540/31

In the name of god Amen the yere of our lord god mccccc and xl & xxxii yere of the … kynge …

Wyllm Hiccleing beyng of god & hole mynde laude be unto allmyghty god make & ordayne [small hole] present testament and last Wyll [hole about ten words] almyghty god my maker & my [small hole] to heys most blessed mother Saint Mary the Vyrgyn the holy company of heven & my body to be buryed in the churche of Sainte Rimigy of [small hole]

I bequethe to the high alter of the same churche for my tythes and oblacions by me [small hole] forgotten or wytheldyn yf any suche be in discharge of my soule xxd

It I beqwethe [small hole] lady of Lyncone iiiid

It I beqwethe to the … of Saint Rimigi xls

[It I] beqwethe to the chapel of Holewell viiid

It I beqwethe to the cherche of [small hole]

It I beqwethe to my iii sons Thomas Rychard and Wyllm iii brasse potts

[It I] beqwethe to Elseabethe my doghter the grett brasse pott

It I beqwethe to my [small hole] vi seylver spons

It I beqwethe to Al… my doghter a … bordclothe after the decease [small hole]

It I beqwethe to every one of my chydren … that ys say a calve [small hole] deceysse of my Wyffe

It I beqwethe to Richard and Willm my sons to eyther of them [small hole]

It I beqwethe to Thomas my son the … arke

It I beqwethe to Wyllm [small hole] beyste jakytt

It I wyll that my wyffe shall be my soul exsecutryxe to se to [small hole] laste wyll be fulfilled as she wyll answere before god and Wyllm my [small hole] my Supvisor of the same Wyll

… … Vicar Wyllm Crane Thomas [small hole] Ric Hiccleyng … … …

Invetarin … … Wyllm Hiccleyng de Claxton … post euis obitu & app… Wyllm Crane Robartus … & Ricardus Hiccleyng

Imprims … and horse vi li vis viiid
It the sheppe iii li
It the sweyne iiis
It the weytte barle and benes & peys xlvis viiid
It v acars of weytt xiiis iiiid
It the cartte & the geyres with all other whode and howsells xxs
It the … of the howse as … brase pewter beddyng with all other hows holde stuffe iiii li
It the deytts a lowyd of the holle sume  
                                     Suma totals xv li ixs viiid