Hickling Robert 1679 of Long Clawson will

Robert Hickling of Long Clawson 1679 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1679/24

The 18th day of Octob 1676 noutes taken for the makeing of the will of Robert Hickling … of Claxton als Long Clawson in the Countie of Leic yeom …

First I give & bequeathe unto my loveing wife Elizabeth Hickling All my messuage or Tment with thappurts scituate and being in Claxton aforesaid wherein I now dwell and alsoe one oxgange of arrable land meadow of pasture Comons & Comon of pasture with thappurts lieing & being in the end feilds of Claxton for & Dureing her natural life and after her Decease then I give the said messuage or Tenemt and one halfe oxgange of Lane unto my oldest Sonne William Hickling his heires & assignes upon Condicon that he the said William Hickling & his heires doe pay unto Richard Hickling my youngest Sonne his executors or assignes the Summe of xl within 6 months after … … into his said hands

Itm I give unto my third Sonne Robert Hickling & his heires & assignes thither halfe oxgange of land …

I give & bequeath unto my Second Sonne Edward Hickling & his assignes all my right interest & … whatsoever which I have or might have & … into that farme at Redmile now in his occupacon As alsoe my … … whatsoever to the goods cattle chattells there at Redmile upon the condicon that he the said Edward Hickling pay & satisfie unto his brother Richard Hickling ten pounds in manner foll That is to say 5l upon the tenth Day of January 1677 and the … on the 10th of Jan which shalbe in the yeare of our Lord 1679 And alsoe doe pay & discharge … my Executor & administrator of & from all my debts as I stand bound & engaged with for him the said Edward

I make my wife Elizabeth my Executrix giveing … all my … goods

Witness my hand the day above written

                                                                                                         The marke of Robert Hickling


Ro. Hickling

Richard Hicklinge

Thomas Hickling


A true and perfect Inventory of all the Goods and Chattells of Robert Hickling husbandman deceased the [blank] day of [blank] 1678 and prized by us hereunder written the 28 day of August Anno superdicto

  £ s d
Imprimis His purse and apparel 0 13 4
Item In the Parlour a bed sted two blankets coverled two fether pillows a bolster      
a pr of sheets & matrice 2 0 0
Item In the same parlour a bedsted a matrice & coverlid & sheets and some      
new cloth 2 6 10
Item Peuter 10s4d a press 16s a chest 7s & other things 5s6d the total is 1 18 10
Item In the house a table three chairs a shelf & other smal things 1 6 8
Item In the dairy a press & pan & ticknals & berills with a brass pott & two smal      
kettles 2 10 10
Item In the farthest chamber and the next to it several smal things 1 0 0
Item In the chees camber cheese & heck & other smal things 0 13 4
Item Manure and cart and ladder 1 1 0
Item a calf and coals 1 0 4
Item Corn in the barn 13 0 0
Item two cows 5 0 0
Item 5 ews & 5 lambs 1 15 0
Item a hugg 0 14 0
Item Bees 0 16 0
Item Things unseen and forgot 0 5 4
                                                                                                  Totall Sum is 36 1 6

Richard Hickling [his mark]

William Guy


Probate 9 May 1679