Henson John 1635 of Long Clawson Will

John Henson of Long Clawson 1635 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1635/62

In the name of god Amen This second day of December in the yeare of the raygne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles, by the grace of god of England Scotland France & Ireland kinge defender of the faith the ninth 1633 I John Henson of Claxton in the Countie of Leceister Blacksmith, being sicke of bodie but good & perfect memory (praysed be god) Doe make & ordayne this my last will and testament in manner followinge

In primis I give & bequeave my soule to god that gave it, & my bodie to bee buried in the Church yard of Claxton aforesaide

Itim I [“give” missing] unto my daughter Elizabeth Orson of Wyseewe [Wysall?] xiid & to either of both her towe children xiid a peece

Itim I give unto my daughter Anne Shelton & to her sonne John xiid a peece

Itim I give unto Alice Greenam daughter of my sonne in Lawe Richard Greenam xiid

Item I give unto my second sonn Richard Henson xiid & that halfe Oxgan of land which I purchased of Nicholas Robinson, payeinge for the same unto my daughter Olive Eleven pounds towe yeares after my disease

Itim I give unto my said daughter Olive my best pott & my best pann & towe of my best Coverleades, & my browne heafer

Itim I give unto my loveing wife Alice Henson & my sd Daughter Olive halfe of all my household goods, unbequeaved, ioyntly together

And my will is that my foresaied wife shall bee mantayned with meat, drinke, apparell, washinge and ringing, and lodging, sufficient, decent & fittinge for one of her estate duering her life

Itm I give her xxs by the yeare, to be payed unto her yearely, dueringe her life by towe equall portions

The rest of all my household goods I give unto my sonnes, Edward & Richarde to bee equally divided

The rest of all my land & goods unbequeaved I give & bequeave unto my Eldest sonne Edward Henson whome I make sole executor of this my last [“will” missing] & testament, to see my debts & legacies discharged & my bodie reverently brought to the ground

Lastly I make by brother in lawe William Smart the elder and Richard Dalby of Claxton aforesayed overseers of this my last will and testament giving them five [denomination missing] a peece for there paynes Confirming the same under my hand & seale the day & yeare first above written

                                                                                                                The marke and seale of John Henson

Theis beinge witnesses

Thomas Wright scriptor

Thomas Frances

And my will is that my daughter Olyve shall have libertie to set household in my chamber when it is divided, so long as need shall be

Itim I give unto my eldest sonne Edward Henson my table in the house with the settle & forme & tressells & my Cobberd as they stand already in the house

Itim I further give unto my second sonne Richard that my table & tressells as they are nowe in my parler

And my will is that all they special legacies that are given shall bee severally received before my household goods be divided according to my will

This was added in the presence of mee Thomas Wright & William Smart

A Second addicion this 13th of Januarye 1634

I give & my will is that my sonne Edward Henson shall give & paye unto my daughter Olyve Henson twentie shillings within twelve moneths after my discease

Further my will is, That if either of my foresaid sonnes depart this world unmaried, or without issue not having any Child, that then the survivor comminge & enioying all my land, shall pay unto my daughter Olive sixe pounds, thirteene shillings 4 pence within 12 moneths after the discease of the first of them departed


Thomas Wright Scriptor

Emmatt Dalbye her marke


A true inventory of all the goods & Chattells of John Henson of Claxton als Clauston in the Countye of Leicester Blacksmith taken This 30th daye of Januarye 1634 [1634/5] By Thomas Storer Edward Smart Sen & William Smart husbandmen

In primis his purse and apparell168
It in the parler 2 bed hillings1134
It 4 other Coverleads0134
It 2 Blanketts068
It 3 boulsters 2 pillowes0168
It 2 mattresses0120
It 3 sheets flaxe 3 pillowbears 1 towell100
It Sheets 2 hempten 3 harden0110
It 5 Table Napkins a board Cloth054
It 2 old harden sheets 1 blankett wollen Cloth050
Item a peice of wollen cloth0126
It Brasse300
It pueter0120
It 4 Bedsteads 1 Trundle bed 1 old chest 1 Cofer & other impleaments in the   
It for Cofers 1 litle table0108
Itm the parler 1 board 2 Tressels 4 tubbs 2 pen boukes 1 loume0100
It 3 Barrells 1 tubbe 1 Churne and a maund 3 Boards0100
It Tyenall ware023
It in the house 1 boarde 1 forme 1 bench a Cubberd 1 pen0150
It 1 Wollen wheele & 3 linen wheels a cheare 4 stoules 1 litle forme068
It 3 payles026
It Bacon0140
It Corne and hea3200
It 2 iron bound cariages hovell tymber plough tymber & all other old wood   
Gorse kids8100
It horses and mares & horse flesh14100
It ploughes harrowes and Geares200
It the horne beasts1600
It in the feild wheat sowen0500
It in the Smith shoppe all impleaments & tooles belonging thereto Iron coales   
& debts on the …968
It 1 swine & the pullen0134
It the Irons about the fire paynted Cloathes and things forgotten0100
                                                            Sum is 112£ 11s 8d   

They pray names

Tho Storer Senior

Edward Smart their marke

Probate 13 June 1635