Hazzard Mary 1673 of Holwell Will

Mary Hazzard of Holwell 1673 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1673/61

In the Name of god Amen I Mary Hazzard of Hollwell in the County of Leicester Spinster beinge sick & weake but of perfect minde & memorey praised bee god doe ordaine this to bee my last will & testement in manner & forme followinge

First I surrender my soule into the handes of Almighty god who gave itt mee hoping to bee saved by the alone Merites of Jesus Christ & next I give my bodey to the earth to be buried in such deceint Mannour as my executors heare After named shall thinke meete and as for my worldely goodes I give & bequethe in manner & forme follinge

First I give to my grandother [sic] Anne Neivell the some of six pounds of good & lawfull money of England & one Coverled with one set of Curtanes

Itt I give to my Uncle Thomas Page the some of thirteen powndes of good & lawfull English money

Itt I give to my Cosen Stephen Page the sonne of my uncle John Page the some of three powndes of good & lawfull money of England

Itt I give to my Cosen George Ellyette the some of twenty shillings of good & lawfull money of England

& as for my house & homested with all that belongs unto it I give to my uncles Thomas Page & John Page to bee solde by them to pay the aforesaid somes of Money & my will & Minde is that John Dubbelday & Edward Allan shall have twenty shillinges to bee disposed of amongst frendes as they shall see Cause

& as for the rest of my goodes Cattels & Chattels what soe ever unbequeathed I give to my loving uncles Thomas Page & John Page whom I make full & soule executors of this my last will & testement

In witnesse wheareof I have put to my hand & seale the thirtey day of Aprill one thusand six hundred seaventey & three

                                                                                                                The marke of Mary Hazzard

Signed sealed & published to bee my last will & testement in the presents of

The marke of Willm Brewster

The marke of Sence Blankley

Probate 12 July 1673


An Inventorie of the goods of Mary Hazzard of Holwell in the Countie of Leicester Taken the 15th day of May 1673 by Michaell Pares & John More of Abkettelby in the same parish as followeth

Imp the purse & Apparill001000
In the hall   
It one Cubberd001500
It in the same roome one bed with the bedding010000
It in the same roome 3 Cheares 2 stooles & one …000600
It one fyreiron hookes & rackins and Spitt 2 smoothinge Irons one payre of   
Tongs one hatchet one payre of pothooks000500
In the parler   
It one bed with the bedding01030
It one Table & Forme00060
It one Chiste & one bocks00070
It 3 Small Tubbs one Leven Kimnel one peale 050
It 4 panns 2 potts & 2 brasse Candlesticks01100
It 2 flaskets one buffet stoole & 5 Coshens0040
It one bockes & 3 … of yarne0020
It 8 small dishes of pewter 2 pynts six porringers and one salt1000
It 2 linnen wheeles & one wollen wheele & one Lant=horne0040
It 4 payre of sheetes and dosen of napkins & 3 pillow beares01068
In the Chamber   
It 2 … one hive & one skepp & one olde Coffer00030
It one pecke & one reele & a little woollen yarne 030
In the malthouse   
It 2 barrils0026
It seene & unseene0020

Micheall Pares

John More