Hawson John 1538 of Nether Broughton Will

John Hawson of Nether Broughton 1538 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1538/37

In die noie Amen The yere of our Lord god 1538 and the 2 day of May I John Hawson of Nether Browghton hole in mynd and remembrans makys my last wyll and testament yn thys maner folowyng

Fyrst I beqwethe mye soule to almyghtye god and mye bodye to be buryed yn the paryshe churche yerde of Browghton

Also I beqwethe to the hye Awter vid and to the churche vid

Also I wyll that a Trentall of masses be sayd and celebrate for mye soule & all christen soules

Also I beqwethe to Claxton churche iiiid to Hykelyng churche iiiid to Ketylbye churche iiiid to Wartnerbe churche iiiid to Saxylbe churche iiiid to Dalbye churche iiiid

The Resydew of mye goods after the performans of thys mye testament I gyff & beqwethe to Johne mye wyffe whom I make mye executrix to be putt to suche uses as she shall thinke moost helefull to mye soule and to the bryngeng up of mye children

Thes being witnesses Thomas Dylke Raffe Fynnes Wyllm Mackyn Rychard Wryght John Hyreland with others

The Inventory of the goodds of John Hawsonn late of the paryshe of Nether Browghton preasyd bye theis honest men Raffe Fynnes Thomas Howyt Robart Wryght Wyllm Watkyn

Also the forsed inventory of the forsed John Hawson pertechewlary dowethe comme unto the some of viii li xvs viiid