Hawley Richard 1625 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Richard Hawley of Long Clawson 1625 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1625/47

In dei nomine amen Anno dni 1624 the xviiith day of October &c I Richard Hawly of Claxton in the County of Leic Laborer, beinge weake in body but of good & perfect remembrance, praysed be god, doe make & ordayne this my last will & Testament in manner & forme followinge

First I do bequeth my soule to Almighty god the maker & redeemer thereof trustinge in him onely to be saved through a lyvely fayth in Jesus Christe And my body to the Earth from whence yt came, to be buried in the Church yarde of Claxton aforesaide

And Concerneinge my temporall Lands & goods I will that they be disposed of as followeth That is to say

First my will is that Judithe my wife shall have my house & all my land with thappurtenances in Claxton aforesaid dureing the tearme of tenne yeares next ensuieinge the date hearof to bringe uppe my Children (yf shee keepe herselfe widdow, or marrie to the Lykeinge of her frends) after which tyme I give the said house & land with theappurtenances unto William Hawley my eldest sonne & to his heires forever in Consideracon that hee shall pay to my other Children all such porcons as I have heare by sette & appointed for them That is to say

First my will is that he shall pay to my sonne Henry Hawley the sume of xii li

Itm to my sonne John Hawly fyve pounds And alsoe to my daughter Anne Hawley Seaven pounds of Currant English mony And to be payde to every of them at their severall Ages of xxiiii yeares

And if my said sonne Willm doe refuse to pay their porcons to my other Children and to stand to my will Then my will is that all my said Children vidett Henry, John & Anne shalbe Coeheires with him And shall have the saide house & land with thappurtenances amongst them all instead of their filiall porcons

And my will is further that my wife shall fell six of the best trees uppon my grounde to pay my debts And that no other nor further spoyle shalbe made of my house or woode untill my Childrens porcons be All paide as aforesaid

Item whereas I have viii li now forth at use my will is further that my said wife shall have the yearely rent or use of it And alsoe so much of my stocke as my overseers shall thinke fittinge to helpe to meintaine my Children

And the reste or remainder thereof to be equally devided amongst my Children

All the residue of my goods unbequeathed moveable & unmoveable (after my debts & legacyes are paide & my funerall expences discharged) I give & bequeath to Judyth my wife, And I make the said Judyth my wife and Willm my eldest sonne Joint executors And Richard Steevens & Edward More overseers of this my last will & testament

Theis beinge witnesses

Edward More

Francis Wilkinson

PR/I/31 A true Inventorie of all the goods Cattell & Chattalls of Richard Hawley (Laboror) late of Claxton in the Countie of Leic (deceassed) praysed the viiith day of November 1624 by Richard Steevens and Edward More yeomen

Inprimis in his purse & his apparrell xxs
Itm 5 Coverlidds and one blanckette xxxs
Itm 5 paire of flaxen sheets & 3 harden sheets lis
Itm one paire of hempen sheets 3 towells & 5 napkins xiis iiiid
Itm 5 pillowbeares 1 faceclothe & bedde hangings vis
Itm one peece of wollen Clothe xvis
Itm 3 Coffers one box & one Chist xis
Itm 2 bedstedds & 2 formes iiis
Itm spinning wheeles & other things in the Chamber iiiis vid
Itm wooll & yarne wollen & lynnen xxvs
Itm all the Brasse & puter in & about the house iiii li is
Itm the Cubboard, the Table, with Chaires stooles & other things xviis
Itm Tubbes, barrells, kitts & other trifles in the buttry viiis
Itm Corne, hey and Coles, & the hyves of Bees iiii li
Itm 8 sheepe & one swine liiis iiiid
Itm 2 lethers and all the oulde wood in the house & yarde iiiis
Itm 8 quushins & the fyre Irons with their appurtencs iis
Itm things forgotten & unnamed xvid
Itm in mony oweinge to him viii li
                                                     Sum in totall             xxxv li xvs vid  
Debts oweinge by the Testator  
To John Darker xs
To Francis Wilkinson xs
To Edward Fawkes vis
To Elizabeth Hawley iiiis
To John Lee iis viiid
To Willm Guy for the townes use xiis
                                In Total                      xliiis viiid  
Sum total the debts deducted xxxiii li xs xd

The hands & names of the praysers

Richard Steevens his marke

Edwarde Mowre

Probate 17 October 1625