Hart William 1667 of Grimston Will

William Hart of Grimston 1667 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1667

March the 4 1666 In the name of God Amen I William Harte of Grimston in the County of Leicester labborer beeing sicke in boddy but in my perfect sence & memorie prased bee to God for itt doe ordaine & make this my last will & Testement in manner & forme follow

First I give & bequeve my sole to allmighty God my maker in whom I hope for forgivenes thoughrow Jesus Christ my Redeemer & for my worldly Goods as followeth

Imprimis I give & beqeve to my dautter Frances Harte the Some of five pounds of Corrent munny when shee shall com to the age of sixteene & if my Wife Elisebeth Harte doe marry againe then my will is that my dautter Frances Harte shall have five poundes more within one yeare after her marridge

Item I give to my Sister Marie Hart the Some of thirtie Shillinges to be paide one yeare after my decease

Item I give & beqeve to Elessebeth Harte my deare wife all my goodes & Cattle & Chattle movable & unmoveable whom I make my sole exceturtix of this my last will Testement my leggeses beeing paide & my funeral Chargges discharged

                                                                                                                The marke of William Harte


John Neale

Nickles Burgis

Probate 2 May 1667

44’28 1322/80

A true and perfect Inventory of all the Goods Cattel and Chattels of William Heart late of Grimston in the County of Leicester Labourer deceased taken March the 18th 1666 [1666/7]

Henry Ostin

Edward Jackson

Imprimis his purse apparell and girdle0134
Item two Bedsteads0180
Item three Coverings100
Item three Blankets080
Item two Matrices0100
Item one sett of Curtains050
Item six paire of Sheets140
Item eight Napkins040
Item one Table cloth024
Item five Bolsters and two Pillows050
Item three Pillowbears026
Item on Chest050
Item one Coffer and one Box030
Item two Cubberds0150
Item one Table and one Forme080
Item in Puter and Brasse100
Item two Barills A paile and a Churne050
Item five and twenty Sheepe700
Item two Cows and two Calves4150
Item one Pigge080
Item foure Hives of Bees100
Item for things unnamed and forgotten020
The Summe total is21132

Bond, bound Elizabeth Harte widow of Grimston and William Hill blacksmith of Grimston 2 May 1667, condition bound Elizabeth Harte relict of William Harte late of Grimston deceased to execute will

                                                                                                                The mark of Elizabeth Harte

                                                                                                                The mark of William Hill