Hart Thomas 1661 of Grimston Inventory

Thomas Hart of Grimston 1661 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives 44’28 1322/42

December the 9 1661

An Inventorie of all the goodes that Tho: Harte of Grimston died possesed of

Imprimis his purs & his aparlel [sic]1034
Item detes ouing to him1856
Item hea & pease200
Item his toules116
Item one pidg  034
The Sum is22138

Taken & prised by us

Tho: James his marke

Willi Harte his marke

John Neale

Bond, bound William Hart shepherd of Grimston, Thomas James yeoman of Grimston and Richard Burgesse husbandman of Grimston, 17 December 1661, condition bound William Hart brother of Thomas Hart of Grimston deceased intestate to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                                Signum William Hart

                                                                                                                Thomas James

                                                                                                                Willi Burgis