Harby Elizabeth 1605 of Scalford Will

Elizabeth Harby of Scalford 1605 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, PR/I/227/106

Ano domini 1605 Decemb: 30 Jacobi regis Anglie 3

In the name of god Amen I Elizabeth Harbee of Scalforde in the countie of Leicester, widdowe sicke in bodye but whole in minde, & of good & perfecte memory, thankes bee to god therefore, doe make & ordaine this my laste will and testamente in manner & forme followinge

Firste I bequeath my Soule to almightie god, and my bodye to bee buried in the church yarde of Scalforde aforesaide

Ite I give and bequeath unto Elyzabeth Mussor [sic] and Elyzabeth Noble my goddaughters other of them vid

Itm in consideration and towardes the full accomplishinge of the laste will and testament of Nycolas Harbee my husband lately deceased I give and bequeath unto Mariery Harbee my daughter fiftye shillings

Itm I give & bequeath further of mine owne goods unto the said Mariery vi sheepe to bee indifferently parted from five other which remaine, my biggest brasse pott, my beste brasse pann except one, my reed caffare my two best gownes one reed peticoate my best hatt, halfe the bedding and linnen in the house, and one yearlinge calfe

Itm I give and bequeathe unto Margaret Harbee my daughter in consideration & towardes the full accomplishinge of the last will & testament of Nicolas Harbee my husband latelye deceassed, fiftye shillinges which is in the handes & keepinge of Thomas Harbee my sonne in lawe, and which hee acknowledgeth

Itm I give & bequeathe unto the saide Margaret of mine owne goods the lesser brasse pott & the least pann except one, and the other halfe of all the beddinge and linnen in the house

Itm I give & bequeathe unto Sarah Hillame my daughter my biggest brasse pann

Ite I give and bequeathe unto every one of my childrens children one Sheepe

Itm I give and bequeathe unto the two children of Thomas Harbee either of them one Sheepe

Ite I give unto Thomas Harbee my sonne in lawe my parte of the plowe timber and carte timber, & harrowes with the tynnes there unto belonging, which are unparted

Ite I give & bequeath unto Bettrise Barneste my daughter my working day apparel

Itm the rest of my goods unbequeathed my debtes beinge paied my funerals dispacthed, my will proved & the inventorie of my goods exhibited I give & bequeathe unto my five daughters, equallye to bee devided amongst them

Itm I make and ordaine Edward Nethercoate full & sole executor unto this my laste will & testamente

Thes beinge wittnesses

William Bincks

Robert Noble

Proved 15 January 1605/6