Hallam Joan 1558 of Stathern Will

Joan Hallam of Stathern 1558 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1558

In the name of god Amen the xviiith daye of July in the yeare of our Lord god A thousand fyve hundred fyftye & eyght I Johan Allame of Stathern in the County of Leycester wydowe beynge of holl mynde & memorye thanks be to allmyghtye god do ordayne & make this my last will and Testament in manner and forme as heyrafter folowith

Fyrste & bequethe my soule unto our Lorde Jhu Chryst my only maker & Redemer faithfullye trustinge through the merritts of his most blessyd & paynfull passyon to be partaker of the Kyngdom of heven and my body to be buryed in the churche yard of Saint Gothlax in Statherne

Itm I bequethe to the mother churche of Lyncolne iiiid

Itm to the hyghe altare of Statherne iiiid

Itm I bequethe to the churche of St [small hole] the bying of a crosse ii strycks of wheat

Itm I bequethe to Issabell  Allame my Doughter xxs for dett that I dowe owe hir & I also bequethe her for her chylds parte xxiiiis & a brasse pott

Itm to Margerye Allame my Doughter xls for dett That I owe her & I also bequethe her for her chylds parte xxiiiis besyds

Itm I beuethe to Johan Allam my Doughter for her chylds parte xxiiiis & my best cowe & my best brasse pott

Itm I bequethe to Ketheryne Allame my Doughter xxiiiis for her chylds parte & my seconde brasse pott & one Cowe & a Lam

Itm I bequethe to Thomas Allame my Sone one quarter of wheat & quarter of barlye & one quarter of pesse

Itm I bequethe to Mathewe Allame my Sone fyve cows & fyve Lams & of every kynd of grene one quarter that is one of wheatte one of barlye & one of pesse yf my crope will theyrto extend

I wyll & gyve the good wyll of my howse that I dwellin to the said Mathewe

Itm I bequethe to Agnes Allame my Doughter one cowe & a lame

Itm I bequethe to the parson of Statherne one busshell of malt

Itm I wyll that if my goods will fulfyll this my will that then I will that the profytts of my Fallows be eqallye devydid between Thomas Allame & Mathewe my Sones & if the will not so extend then my will is that my said Fallows & Land to be put to the moste profytt that maye be by thadvysse of my executors for the parformans of my said will

The Resydue of my goods note gyven nor bequethed my detts payd & my funerall expenss done & gyve & bequeth them unto Andrewe Allame & William Allame my Sonnes whome I ordayne & make the executors of this my Lastt Wyll & Testamente, & Thomas Dixon to be my supervisor of the same & I gyve to every one of my executors for their labors & payns heryn vis viiid & I bequethe to my supervisor for his payns iiis iiiid

Theisse beringe witnese unto the same Richard Cook [?] of Statherne gent Robt Cook clark & parson of the said Towne of Statherne Robarte Grocoke of Barston Richard Hollybroke of Harbye with other