Hallam Andrew 1558 of Stathern Will

Andrew Hallam of Stathern 1558 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1558

In the name of god amen the xxvith day of November the yeare of our Lord god m vc lviiith I Andrewe Allam of Statharne beynge holle in mynd & perfytt in memorye thancks be to allmyghty god make my last wyll and testament as hereafter foloweth

Fyrst I bequeth my soolle to almyghty god my only maker and Redemer & my body to be buryed in the churche yeard of Sent Goodlacke in Statharne

Itm I bequeth to the mother churche of Lyncolne iiiid

Itm I bequethe to the hye altare of Statharne [blank]

Itm I bequeth to the churche of Statharne towards byenge of a crosse vs

Itm I gyve to the churche of Plungar iis

Itm to everye godchilde vid

Itm I gyve unto George Caunte my sheppard a yewe & a lambe

Itm I gyve to Johne Allam my syster a yewe

Itm I gyve unto Agnes my wyff that wyche she brought with her for to hav it agayne & surch of my owne proper goods I gyve her also iiii li

Itm I gyve unto Anne my daughter a cowple of kye

Itm I gyve to Jhane my daughter a ewe

Itm I gyve to Marye my daughter and Thomas my sonne eyther of them a heckford with calfe

Itm I gyve to Thomas my sonne the hyngyng in the hall & the hyngyng in the parlor a table & a forme a cheare all the Iron stuff that I  have all the plow gears the wood & hoffell and a fatt

Itm I gyve Marye my daughter two coffers & to Jhane my daughter the great arcke & to Anne my daughter a cobard

Further more if any of these my sayd children shall depart out of this world before theyre lawfull age that then I wyll that the Residew of them to have that parte of everye suche departed equally parted amongs them

Furthermore yf it pleyse almyghty god that all my childeren shall departe out of this world befoe theyre lawfull ages then I wyll that the halfe of theyre parts to be distributed to the poore people and the other half to the hye wayes excepted out of it xls to be gyven to Statharne churche

Furthermore I gyve to my brother Wyllames childeren a yewe to go forward among them

The Rest of all my goods unbequethed I gyve unto my childeren equally to be parted amongs them except the howsold stuff to be Reserved to my three daughters

Also I do macke Thomas Dyxen my ounckell and Willm Allam my brother my executors of this my sayd wyll to have for ther paynes either of them xs and Robart Grecoke to be overseer and to have for his paynes vs

Thes beyng wyttnes Thomas Home and John Rychardson

This Inventorye made of the goods and cattalls of Andrew Allam of Statherne within the countie of Leceter Late dessessed Indented made the xxiith day of Januaryii in the yeare of our lord god a thowsand fyve hundered lviiith and praysed by Robart Rowse Nycholas Rowse Wyllm Caunt & Thomas Home [?] of Statharne afforesayd as hereafter folowethe

Imprimis In his pursevis
His Raymentxxs
vii coverletts iii pellowe bolstersxxs
iii matteresesxiiis iiiid
vi payre of flaxen shetts and vi payre of hardenxxvis viiid
viii pellowe bayres & iii bedclothesxs
ii brasse pannesxxs
vi brasse pottsvs
The pewter in the hallxiiis iiiid
ii beadesteads and iiii arcksxiis
The stuffe in the hallxiiis iiiid
The Iron stuffviis
A sadle and bridleiis
Itm wheatexiiis iiiid
Itm Barleyxls
Itm peasviiis
A hoffellvs
A weanexs
The woodxiiis iiiid
The fold for sheppevs
Three kyelvis viiid
A marexxvis viiid
ii shootsiiis
iiii Bacon fleggsvis viiid
A score of wether sheppeiii li
iii score yewes & pairviii li iiis iiiid
x hoggsiii li vis viiid
ix hennes and iiii caponesiis
Detts owynge to hymxxviis viid
Sumxxxiiii li vs xid