Haines Thomas 1567 of Long Clawson will

Thomas Haines of Long Clawson 1567 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/258

In nomine dei amen the xxvii day of aprill in the yere of our Lorde god 1567 I Thomas Haines of Claxton in the countie of Leicester husbandman beinge hole of minde & in good remembrance make this my last will & testamente in maner & forme folowinge

Firste I bequiethe my soule to my lord god allmightie & my body to be buried I the church yarde of Claxton

Provided my worldly goods

In primis I bequiethe to the mother church of Lincoln iid

Item to the pore people of Claxton iiis iiiid

Item to the maintenance of the churche of Claxton iis

Item I will Katherine my wife & Richard my sonne to be my full executors

Item I bequiethe to Thomas my sonne ii … & x sheepe indifferently to be sett for the at the discretyon of the overseers

Item I bequiethe to Luke my sonne x shepe & ii … to be sett for the in maner aforesaid

Item I bequiethe to Margarett my dawghter one cowe & x shepe to be sett for the in maner aforesaid

Item I will unto my said daughter Margarett a brasse pott & a brasse panne my ambry iii platters of pewter & iiii paire of Linnen shetes & a bord clothe of Linnen, & a Linnen towel

Item I bequiethe unto my wives eldest dawghter Margerie a brasse panne & ii pewter porringers & a pewter platter

Ite I bequiethe unto ii of my godchildren John Browghton & Frances Bayly iiiid a pece

Item to Marie my wives dawghter ii pewter porringers & a pewter platter

Item I … will my executors aforsaid to pay all my detts & legacies that can be asked of dewtie righte & conscience

Item I bequiethe all the reste of my goods unbequiethed & my detts which anie may oweth me unto my executors aforsaid equally to be devyded betwixte them in the maner aforesaid

Item I will that if Richard my Sonne or Thomas my sonne Luke my sonne or Margaret my dawghter do departe of this Lyfe then the goods of those that do departe to be devyded equally amongeste the reste if they be not married

Item I will that my executors aforesaid do fynde my sonne Thomas my sonne Luke & Margarett my dawghter sufficient foode and clothe until the yeres of discretion for the increase of their stocke

Item I desire my Landlord in Edwarde Andrewes for gods sake to graunte the same good will which he hath promised me unto my executors & to graunt that intereste unto them which I have in the farme

These be the witnesses Philippe Haines Clerke Richard Browne husbandman & Thomas Briggs Laborer

Thies be the overseers Richard Browne husbandman and Thomas Briggs laborer

Probate 1567