Hack Elizabeth 1716 of Holwell Will

Elizabeth Hack of Holwell 1716 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1716

Holwell: Sept: 17: 1716

The Last will and Testament of Elizabeth Hack widow

I make Thomas Hack and Elizabeth my soul exchequer

I Give and Bequave to my son William forty pound to be paid att The Age of Twenty one

I Give and Bequave to my Daughter Sarah thirty one pound

I Give and Bequave to my Daughter Betty thirty one pound

If any of Them Decease Before They come to the Age of one and twenty it shall fall to them that are living

                                                                                                                Elizabeth Hack her mark

Wittness by us

Rich: Jarratt

Fr. Philpott

Rich Dickens

Probate 9 October 1716

A true & perfect Invatory of all & Singuler the Goods Chells & Creditts of Elizabeth Hack Widow of Holwell in the County of Leicester taken the Twenty Seventh Day of September Ano Dni 1716 and appraised by us whose Names are hereunder written as follows

Impris Her purse and Apparell030000
Itm Twenty Lamb Hoggs080000
Fourteen Theves and Sheer hogs091600
Seven Cowes190000
One Two Year old Heiffer two yearling Calves030000
Eighteen Ewes091800
Six two Sheer Sheep031200
Two Swine Hoggs020000
Two Hay Stacks030000
Three young Calves020000
Nine Sheep in Claxton field031200
Twenty Two Sheer Sheep in the Round Close201000
Three Stackes of Oates400000
One Strike two Seives000300
In the Hall 3 pewter Dishes 6 plates 3 Tubbs 7 Chaires001400
In the parlor 2 bedsteds 1 Chest 1 Table 3 Chaires with the beding & Hangings010106
In the Dairy 8 panchions 1 pippin 1 can 2 other pots 4 Cottells two barrells   
one Funnell000408
In the Kitchen 5 brass pans, 3 pailes, 1 Trunk, 2 Tubs, 1 Churne, One   
Cheesepress, 3 Cheesefatts, 1 Cheeseboard 4 Trenchers020106
In the Middle Chamber Wooll and two bags120100
In the Cheese Chamber Cheeses030000
In the Kitchen Chamber Three Wheeles one Reele one Pad & Bridle,   
1 bedsted & beding, 1 Kimnell, one Looking Glass001500
One fire Iron one Rack Iron & Hookes one Screen and pewter shelves000602
Things not seen and forgotten000300
In the Barn two Troves and Coles  000600

Appraised by us

Fr: Phillpott

Rich: Dickens